Week 3/20-3/26

Week 3/20-3/26

This is the first week that I don’t have running listed for my goals, ack! Will be hard to not run but I’m going to make it a goal not to run lol! I need to rest this leg so I can do well on the Color Run, despite it being a fun run I would like to run my usually run/walk on this race. I’m excited for the Color Run and both terrified… that I will ruin something. I will have my Garmin on me but plan to have a headband wrapped over it to cover it, and I will be wearing my old shoes just for this race so I don’t destroy my beloved New Balance shoes. But overall, it will be fun!

Goals this week:

100 oz of water daily (been on point with this all month)
Reach 228 (I normally don’t focus on weight goals these days but I would like to see this)
Weight Training 2x this week – Tues & Thurs
Daily dog walks
NO running, ugh
Daily hip/glutes exercises – fire hydrants, clamshells, bridges

Last week went really well with eating, water, and weight training! Hoping to repeat that week for sure!

I’m so flippin’ excited to be back at the gym this week! I did well at home doing weight training but I kept pushing it off on my gym days. I ended up doing my training after lunch on Thursday and just couldn’t get excited to do weights at home, despite having everything I needed, it just wasn’t the same. So, I’m planning to change up my schedule for the summer when the kiddo is off school and go to the gym at 4:30 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays before my husband heads to work at 5:30…. ya. The positives is I will get to do my training at the gym, the gym will be pretty dead based on the “busy chart on Google”, and I will kick off my morning well. The cons… four freakin’ thirty?! I’m normally up at 4:30-5:00 am so it’s not that much earlier to get up at 4, I’m sure I will get used to the routine to. I’ll do anything to not slip up this summer and do what I did last year, lose motivation. I need to keep up my strength training and build these muscles, I’m loving the progress so far!

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