Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!

Oh man, this week is going by S-L-O-W! I felt like a sloth yesterday without running in the morning, it’s been really getting to me. I miss running and it’s only been 4 days since I last ran… feel’s like weeks. My hip is still like a 3 on a scale of 1-10, so it’s a teeny bit angry still and I probably could attempt to do a short run but I know that if I give it rest today I may have a better run tomorrow, even if it’s just a short 1 miler. I really feel for those who are sidelined due to a major injury for months and months.

Since today is Tuesday, I thought I would share a little “Transformation Tuesday” action on the blog! Let’s do a face-to-face transformation! Left was at my heaviest at 320 lbs (when I had a knitting video podcast I did once a week) and the right was Friday at 230 lbs (I’m now 229.4)!

I clearly remember how I felt and acted in the picture in the left… I always wore a cardigan and had to keep the video camera in just the right light so I wouldn’t think I looked “that heavy” and then I would slap a crappy filter over the video to hide any flaws that people “may see”.

The picture on the right shows confidence and pride even after a crappy run… this was the run where my right hip got angry and I had to walk halfway home, but I didn’t quit! In this picture I see someone who has changed a LOT, she is wearing a tank top and a hat… two things I would never do in the past. I like the life in her eyes and I’m glad this is me!

This morning was my first full weight training session in our home gym, holy crap that was different but will be much felt tomorrow big time! I had to do some alternatives to the machines and cables since I only have dumbbells, a kettlebell, and bench to work with so some of the workouts I do at the gym were for sure different at home. Like Fly’s and Rear Delt Fly’s were used on my bench and dumbbells, normally I do 20# on the machine but I could only use 5# dumbbells for this alternative.

After that session, even lifting my iced coffee felt like a workout lol!! Crossing my fingers hard that I can run tomorrow!

Yesterday I got more badges in the mail from Stridebadge!!! I’m still waiting on two last badges to arrive soon and I need to register for some new ones too! My little patch collection is growing and I love it! Seeing these when I’m on the treadmill next to me always makes me smile. I want to do the rest of their 5k challenges, then work on some weekly stride challenges they have.

2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday!

  1. Your transformation is amazing! And, you look younger now.
    Definitely listen to your body when it comes to pain. It sounds like a good plan what you’re doing now to prevent injury.
    I need to check out Stridebadge! They’re so cute!

  2. Liz said it, you look so much younger and happier, but that’s no wonder. You are doing great! Yeah, I would listen to your hip too.

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