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Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!

Happy New Years everyone!! I hope everyone had a great night! Last night I resisted donuts, cookies, and chips. Woke up to victory once again, the Blerch lost once again (you will be hearing the Blerch often this year, lol). I didn’t stay up till midnight but I did watch the ball drop in New York.

This morning I did my 1st of the month (and new year) weigh in and I’m pretty happy! Yesterday I had that bloat I mentioned from starting and such, I was 8 oz up (ok, it’s 1/2 lb but 8 oz sounds so much smaller lol). This morning I lost it and I’m back to my Friday weight of 239.2. I’ll take it! I’m starting the new month and year under 240 and that feels pretty good! Last year I started 2015 at 258. Awesome!! I will do my measurements soon, I need to get a new tape measure as my favorite one died a fateful death by dog teeth, this is a death that happens quite often around our house!

On to the fun stuff, progress pictures!! I haven’t taken them in ages and I’m excited to do them again. Since falling off track during the summer, I was in fear I wouldn’t see a difference anymore in the pictures (funny how your brain tricks you like that, of course I would see a difference) so I didn’t take any pics for a while.

To kick off the new year, I logged 3 miles in the books with the El’s Run 5k (virtual) race! I ended up getting rained out after almost finishing mile 1, so I had to finish it up on the treadmill, but I got it done and I feel awesome starting 2017 with a bang! I tried to stick to a 30/30 interval outside but walked a bit towards the end of the mile. On the treadmill I started with a 30/30 for the first mile or so, then moved to a 30/60 interval before walking for a bit until the last leg, then jumped back to a 30/60. I was a hot sweaty mess this morning, it was 84% humidity and I felt inside the house while running, but I saw all that sweat as fat dripping away so I didn’t mind! lol!

Progress is progress, right?

Progress is progress, right?

RANT: I won’t lie, I’m frustrated with my running right now. Not frustrated with the running part in general, just at my current progress and where I was at before I stopped running for a few months. I felt like I was really making some massive improvements with running at the beginning of summer, then lost my mojo (I blame the treadmill boredom and the heat). I ran a bit in October, then again in November, but really didn’t get back into the swing of it until the beginning of this month. I feel like I’ve lost so much momentum in my progress that it’s frustrating. My pace is slow, my intervals I’m stuck with right now are slow, ahhhhh! I was doing a 30/30 sec interval (even on my 3 mile runs) and really progressing. I was close to moving to a 45/30 sec interval, but right now, even a 10/30 is rough, yet alone on a 5k distance.

Ok, not all of this post is ranting… I planned to go on a 1 mile run (yes, run, no walking this time) and wanted to slow down a lot in order to maintain my momentum. I managed to run for almost 5 min, which is 1 full lap (3 laps = 1 mile where I run). Then I walked half of the second lap, but ran some of the other half… then called it quits since my breathing was giving me some trouble, I was way too warm. It was 74º out, so it wasn’t hot but still too warm for me, and I think the temp is what flared up my breathing. But guys, I ran a full lap! I haven’t done that in ages! Last time I ran a full mile with no walking was back in January of this year! I’m thrilled with this progress, it shows me that I do have it in me and I’m slowly coming back… even after that huge rant above (I’m still frustrated, lol)!

The vertical line in the center is where my first full lap of running ended

I know I said that I would stick to this 5k training plan that I’m currently doing, but I’m heavily considering switching over to Katie’s plan over at Runs for Cookies (gotta love that blog name!!). Since I was able to run for almost 4 and a half minutes, I’m thinking of starting at the 4 min minute day and increase from there based on her plan and maybe just increase each run day by 30 sec rather than a full minute…. to ease into it. I also have been wanting to do four run days a week instead of three. I’m going to think it over tonight and see what I want to do for tomorrow’s run in the morning… on the treadmill, ugh. Have I mentioned the count down till school is back in session, Wednesday I’ll be dropping my 7 year old off at school and putting my foot to the metal to get home and run outside lol!

Midweek Hustle

Midweek Hustle

Best pace for December so far! This morning I tried out a new interval of 8/30 sec run/walk and it felt really good! Even though I was only running for 8 sec and a time, I felt like I was running a lot more but didn’t feel like I was. Jeff Galloway is truly a genius, he always says to start walking before you get tired and that was exactly how this interval felt. At the 8 sec mark I felt like I could go two more seconds before feeling tired, but then when I did the walking portion I could tell that I would have been exhausted quick if I had.

I am doing my last virtual 5k on Friday and I’m torn on whether I want to use this interval or not, I may use it for the first mile and see how I feel. I’m just so excited to see some pace progress after taking months off. I really can feel that I will be back to where I was soon, even if it takes a month or so. Progress, not perfection.

Other than my morning run/walk, I took Maggie out after for a 1 mile walk. Today’s miles totaled 2.2 (so far) and I am less than 1/2 a mile in completing the Full Moon Challenge 12k!!! I missed miles for this challenge on Monday since I did the Cowabunga 5k, so those miles were for for that, not this challenge. I’m taking Maggie out for a 1 mile walk after dinner in hopes to curb my after dinner binges, and I will be able to finally earn that medal!! Yay!

Lately I have been munching directly after dinner, no matter how full I am, I go right back into the kitchen and make a snack. I know it’s not hunger… I just ate, it’s eating out of boredom and habit, so I’m hoping to redirect that binge feeling towards a walk.

I’ll leave you with lunch, so good! I’ve been on an orange kick and can’t get enough of them.

July 1st Progress (late to post)

July 1st Progress (late to post)

Finally, I have a chance to do a progress pic! It’s been a busy few days and to be honest, I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my time away from My Fitness Pal and just living life a bit. Needed a break and now I’m refreshed and ready to work on some new goals!

Even though I started my weight loss journey in August, I didn’t start tracking measurements until October 1st. Since then, I’m down 37″ all over, mostly in my waist, hips, and bust. Though my thighs have shrunk a lot (around 4″ in each thigh). My hips and chest have shrunk almost 10″ in each area. Woot!

Goal… I mentioned I decided to set some. Here they are:

  • Reach 199 lbs by hopefully Halloween (that is about 4 months and 21 lbs to lose)
  • Reach 180 lbs by Valentines Day (about 19 lbs after my first goal)
  • Reach 160 lbs by my 34th Birthday – June 21st (about 20 lbs from my second goal) I may stop at 180 lbs though… not sure yet.
I think these are reasonable goals! I’m taking in “20 lbs at a time” right now and honestly, if I don’t reach them by the dates I set… I don’t care. I’m just focusing on these mini goals for the last wave of my weight loss. If it ends up taking me a year to lose 20 lbs, that’s fine! I would love to seen “one-derland” by my 34th Birthday though (June 21st), that would be really neat!
100 lbs Lost!

100 lbs Lost!

I did it, I lost 100 lbs and it was within a 10 month period. I set a goal to lose 100 lbs in a year and I crushed that goal! I’m going to soak in these emotions and enjoy my current body before moving on to my last goal phase. I’m not done yet, but I don’t care how long the next phase takes!

Birthday Run – Bad Hair Day 5k

Birthday Run – Bad Hair Day 5k

Today I’m 33 years old and I have been oddly excited for my birthday to come this year. Fun fact: I live by the number 3, everything I do tends to be in 3’s and things come to me in 3’s. I see the number 3 constantly and take it as a sign, sounds a bit woo woo but it’s true, lol! Every year on my birthday I tell myself “I want to lose weight and be healthy before my next birthday”… and every single time, I fall off track and give up. This was finally the birthday that I kept that promise to myself, I wanted to go into a new age with a new focus and better health. I did just that and I’m not done yet!

This evening I did a 5k virtual run for my birthday, I registered last mont knowingly that I wanted to do this run on my birthday. It was for sure a bit emotional and symbolic. Last year on my birthday I was 320 lbs and had bad plantar fasciitis in both feet. Walking sucked, if I walked the mall one day with my daughter, I knew I would be couch ridden for the next 2 days. Happened every time. Now that I have no pain (as of October) and can run with less weight on my feet, I can’t stop. I may take breaks from time to time, but I don’t think I’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Not only did I finish my 18th 5k since December, but I reached a PR tonight!! I was almost a full minute faster than my previous PR, I finished at 47:03 (previous PR was 48:00)! I pushed hard, and yes I’m still slow haha. I did over 14k steps today on top of it.

Time: 47:03
Average Pace: 15:11 (4 mph)
Best Pace: 12:30 (4.8 mph)

Earlier today I ran over to Target and found some new running capris, I was eyeing these when they first were stocked and had to grab a pair for me. LOVE them! I’m also sporting my new large tee!! They fit so nice, I used to hate fitted tee’s with a passion. I was super self conscious about seeing a muffin top and fat rolls around my bra line… you know the ones I’m talking about! Now everything is laying flat and smooth, for the most part haha!

Weigh Day + Farmer’s Market

Weigh Day + Farmer’s Market

Today was my weigh day and I reached my 2 lb goal for the week on the dot. Lost exactly 2 lbs and I’m now at a 98 lb loss! WOOT! So… freakin’… close to that 100 lb mark.

A couple weeks ago I decided to start a new thing… if I do well all week with my eating (meaning, no binge) I treat myself to coffee and a donut on Saturday after weigh in. Last weekend I didn’t do this since I didn’t feel like I was very focused the week prior, I had some binge days. This week I did awesome, no binges, ate on point, and reached my water intake goal every day no matter what.

This morning at the farmers market I treated myself to mini donuts from the Bite’s Donuts food truck. These were so good and so worth the wait all week, I couldn’t eat them all! I also grabbed a cup of my favorite iced coffee from Mama’s Cold Brew. I had this coffee a couple years ago at a craft show I was vending at (every time I made a sale I would go buy more coffee lol) and found out they vend at our local farmers market, so now I make it a priority to grab one when I go there.

Today was Maggie’s first big outing! She has been in the clear now to go for walks and parks since she is all finished up with her shots. We have been working with her on leash pulling, it’s been the biggest struggle. We have tried all kinds of harness and collars with her, one of her trainers prefers dogs to be in a collar only, while the other says harness (we have two trainers since one took over half way through the classes). I really didn’t feel comfortable with her pulling and choking so much (it got bad), so I went back to a harness and decided to try a front lead harness… this has totally changed things for walks. It’s amazing! We tested it out this morning and she did so good! She still pulls, but not nearly as much and it’s much easier to get her attention and in control.

Of course she was on energy overload with meeting so many people, other dogs, and just being out where the action was. After a little while she calmed down a notch and did really well! The leash was loose, she walked along side of me, sat when I asked her to. It was a magical moment, now I’m looking forward to longer walks and taking her out more and more. The only thing that sucks is the heat, we can only take her out for walks in the morning before 9 or 10am before the sidewalks and streets heat up (you can literally cook an egg on our sidewalks). Even at night, it takes till about 10pm for them to cool down to walking temps on her feet and by then it’s too late. Summer sucks with a hyper puppy, but I think we are going to take her to the dog park here soon on a weekend morning and see how she does. Apparently there is an amazing dog park near us that even the vet raves about, they said early mornings are less busy. She has been meeting lots of dogs, especially this morning and does really well.

She is now 4.5 months old and yesterday the vet weighed her in at 34 lbs! She had to go in for one more shot that he didn’t want to mix with her others two weeks ago. She is going in for spaying in about a month, will be glad to get this done and over with.

Summer Mojo

Summer Mojo

I have been SO lazy so far this summer, my step count is in the toilet and it’s rare that I even reach my step goal for the day. I was reading a recent post that Tamara posted on her blog Tamara Shazam and it clicked for me. Once I slowed down on running, everything else seemed to slow down. Luckily I got back into my eating habits and haven’t slipped, but my activity has diminished once I slowed down on running and took some time off.

It’s funny how one little change can snowball into a major change. I haven’t been doing very many virtual runs since summer break started, they usually keep me running when I don’t feel like it. Something about having a medal sitting on the shelf tucked away in the the envelope gets me up and running, almost like “you can have this if you do that first”. I have one on my shelf now still in the shipping envelope that I’m dieing to look at and snap a pic of, I’m doing that run this weekend I think, if not next week!

This morning I decided to register for a few virtual runs to keep me busy next month and beyond. I registered for one of the Comic Con Run’s, I opted for the Cowabunga 5k since I loved the medal! I still want to grab a slot for the Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) so hopefully I can snatch a spot up before the end of the month (if they aren’t sold out). I also registered for the Hot Summer K’s Challenge, it’s a 10 day challenge doing 1k a day. Easy enough, super short, and will hopefully help get me motivated.

I really need to organize my virtual runs that I registered for, I have several coming up and two live races in the fall and winter (maybe three if I decide to do the Hot Chocolate 15k).

I also caved and ordered two new tee’s in a size large!! I’m currently in a mens XL and they are getting looser and looser by the week, so I decided to order a couple tee’s to look forward to wearing. I’m hoping I can wear them at least by the end of July, so we will see! The large size chart shows it fits a chest of 44″, I’m currently at 44.5″ in the bust. So only a couple more inches down and they will fit like I want hopefully. My XL fits a 48″ chest, so I have 4 inches of wiggle room to give you an idea.

Easing back into routine

Easing back into routine

A while back I fell out of sync with my strength training routine, then my walking, then my running. This week I got back into my running (I was still doing a virtual run here and there though) and my strength training! Yay!

Yesterday I did full body strength training with my kettlebell and free weights, feeling it massively today. The joys of getting back into routine! I finished my session with a short yoga practice, also did a little yoga on the back patio in our yard. It was so nice outside, despite the heat we have been in, it was only 71º! Supposed to get to 104º today, not too bad considering we have a 120º Sunday coming up this weekend, as well as next Monday.

The scale is still moving steadily this week, I reached the 222’s this morning! Only 6 oz shy of my weekly goal. I have been on a no-binge streak and kicking butt with my snacking. I’ve hit my water goal consistently for the past week and a half, it’s for sure slowly becoming a habit to get all my water in each day and it’s been helping me a ton with water retention, even after my strength training yesterday. I for sure thought I would hold in some water with these sore muscles, but it didn’t seem to effect them at all water wise, score!

Today I’m going to plan out which virtual runs I want to register for next month and a few months past that. I have one more to do this month and I wish I had signed up for one more, I just did two this month and I think if I had one more it would have kept me on my toes with running. This weekend or next week I’m doing the Bad Hair Day 5k virtual run, the medal is SO freakin’ cute! I wanted to do a race for my birthday and since it would be too hot to do a live race I opted for a virtual run. My birthday is on Tuesday next week!!

Next month, I am signed up for Moonjoggers Full Moon Challenge. You do either 12 miles or a 12k, I opted for the 12k lol! You can do it split up or all at once. I’m dreading this one since I want to do it all at once but I’ll be on the treadmill and I find it hard enough to keep focused when doing just 3 miles on the treadmill… can’t imagine how I will focus doing 7.5 miles and not get bored, so I may split this race into two… maybe half on the new moon and half on the full moon to match the theme of this virtual run! We will see, I may even just jump on the treadmill and see how long I can actually go before wanting to throw in the towel and finish it up the next day. Normally I do not like splitting up a virtual run but this is the Full Moon “Challenge” and not a race, so I don’t mind.

There are a few virtual runs in my radar that I really want to sign up for, I may do that tonight too. I have yet to do a Comic Con Run and I want to do two of the new ones, the Ghost Busters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! They have a Goonies themed one to but I’ve never been a huge Goonies person… to be honest, I don’t think I’ve actually ever watched it…. gasp! I know, I know… I should put that on today just for admitting that lol! I should just sign up for all three and I would be set for a couple months with those races (I made a goal for 2016 that I would do 2 races per month this year and since it’s hot here, I opt for virtual runs).

Getting Faster!

Getting Faster!

This week has started off awesome! I had a great day of eating yesterday, no binge, reached my water goal and got a run in on the treadmill. My run felt great too, unlike last time. I decided to up the speed on both my run and my walk (I do a 30/30 run walk) and was amazed that I was getting faster. It actually felt better running a bit faster than the slower speed. Normally I run at the 4.1 speed on the treadmill, but I bumped it to 4.4 (which doesn’t seem like a lot but it was a big difference).

When I did a 14:29 min/mi in the past (before I beat that with a 14:13), I ran the whole thing non-stop on the treadmill. Last night, I did a 14:25 min/mi with a 30/30 run walk… I was faster with walking breaks. I literally walked half of the run… and still beat that pace. I hope to bump the run portion to 45/30 down the road but right now I’m pretty comfortable with a 30/30 and I’m going to stay with it until I finish my half marathon in January.

Not sure if I mentioned before that I wanted to do the Hot Chocolate 15k, but it’s been on my running wishlist. I really want to do this race and I also want that 15k milestone race marked off instead of skipping straight from a 10k to a half. December 5th the race will be here and I’m thinking of registering and using it as part of my half marathon training, I’m still fairly new to live races and seeing that 15:00 min/min max pace scares me. I am currently at a PR mile of 14:13 and would like to get to the 13:00’s before this race. Has anyone done this 15k? What happens if I keep under that pace for most of the race but fall past it on some laps?

The scale is moving this week and it’s already Monday, I’m down about a half pound since Saturdays “weigh in”. I reached the 223’s this morning! As much as I would like to get to 220 by Saturday, I’ll be happy with a 2 lb loss and end at 222. We shall see what the week brings! I know that my run last night helped for sure, I felt great when I went to bed last night. I do need to ice my left knee today though, it was feeling a tad pinched this morning so I want to get that rested and run again tomorrow.

I’m going to try and ease back into a 3 day run week and see how that goes. Last time when I ran 3-4 days a week I didn’t lose any weight, I just maintained.

Today I’m testing out my Garmin Forerunner 230 for step count. I normally wear my Fitbit Charge HR 24/7 for step count but I need to charge it today so I thought it would be a great idea to test the Garmin! So far… not sure if it’s accurate and my Fitbit is not, or if it’s not picking up all my steps. Seems like I’m doing a lot more walking than it is picking up. After moving around this morning it stayed at 124 steps when I was sure I was at least in the 155-160 step count (I had just gotten up and walked around for a bit). We will see! I do know that already I don’t like the bulky feel of my Garmin for daily wear. My Fitbit was light and thin, so I didn’t notice I was wearing it half the time… some days I had to check my wrist to be sure I was wearing it. I have a feeling I will switch to my Fitbit once it’s charged the morning… so the test wouldn’t work well lol!!

** Update on the Garmin “test”… switched back to Fitbit after about 3 hours. I’m just more comfortable with FitBit for daily wear. It’s less bulky, light, and I’m just used to my FitBit. My Garmin will remain as just a running and walking watch for sure right now. I thought about upgrading my FitBit to the Surge, but I hear it’s not very accurate as far as pace goes when running, so I would rather not mess with that much haha!

I’ll leave you with a picture of Maggie and her friend Cali, she is our friends dog and is a lab-pit mix. Sweetest girl around, they got along great! We went over to their place for dinner this weekend. Look how big Maggie is getting!! She is about 32.5 lbs now and just over the 4.5 month mark. We finish up puppy training this Saturday and she graduates, awww! I need to pick her up a special treat and toy this week for Saturday… yes, I’m that kind of dog mom lol! Spoil her to the max!

Loose leash walking is a struggle, she is a major puller but is getting slowly better. I’m going to switch her harness to a front lead harness and see how that goes. We have a back lead harness that doesn’t work, she just pulls more. We tried just the collar like one trainer suggested but she chokes herself badly. The other trainer prefers a harness… confusing? Yes! We also tried a slip lead like Cesar Milan uses, she didn’t like that one bit and she wiggles os much that it kept falling down to the middle of her neck. So front lead harness is next on the list to try! A friend recommended one that she uses for her pulling dog, says it helps a ton. If anyone else has any tips let me know!