Super Mom Virtual Run!

Super Mom Virtual Run!

Another awesome virtual run happening soon… well, May but close enough! I’m excited! Being a stay at home mom and feeling like superwoman on most days (ok, everyday) this is a virtual run that I just had to register for! The SuperMom 5k/10k virtual run is on May 7th-14th and is hosted by Virtual Pace Series and what a great medal it is!!The medal features different languages around the world, it’s truly a special medal. Just like the other virtual runs you can walk, run, hop, or crawl your way to earn this medal at your own pace and your own location!

I will be doing this virtual run in honor of Mother’s Day for me, my mother, and all the other mothers out there! There is a limited shoe charm if you hurry and register now before they are gone too!!

Use code “4COFFEE” to get $4 off this virtual run! Register HERE

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