So… close!

So… close!

… I miss this blog lol! I have been trying to keep my vegan adventures separate so as not to bore any readers I have on this blog… but you know what? It’s part of my whole journey, while my vegan journey is not running related, this is still my blog where I talk about my journey, life, and adventures. I plan to work on this blog a bit and bring it more up to date with my current life (banner links, etc) and hope to carve out some time this weekend to do this!

I’ve been feeling awesome the past two months. I get asked often “what do I eat in a day?”… “what are my favorite foods/recipes?”…etc. So I figure I will try to do several posts on food, lifestyle, etc. If anyone has any questions about a vegan lifestyle or food, feel free to comment any questions you have! If you are interested in health and plant based eating in general, watch What the Health on Netflix! It came out recently and the film is absolutely eye opening, even some of it shocked me and I was already vegan lol!! I have recommended this film to family and friends many times, it’s that good!

While I mentioned before that I’m not focused on weight loss, I am still working on it, but I’m just not making it a priority anymore (logging foods, watching calories, etc). I’m letting the weight fall off as it sees fit and it has for sure been doing just that! I woke up this morning to see 221 lbs on the scale, that means I’m down 99 lbs so far and only one pound away from where I left off last fall!!! Crazy, I never thought I could reach the 100 lbs lost milestone again. Before I went vegan, I was yo-yoing back and forth with my weight but never could get under the 227 lb mark. I felt like I was never going to get back to where I was.

This week I lost 3.6 lbs (from Friday to Friday) and I’m shocked!  Some weeks it’s only a 1/2 lb, some a little more. Then some weeks I get a big drop. I’ve lost 10.4 lbs since going vegan on May 4th, that’s an average of 5.2 lbs per month.

I stuck with about 90% whole and tried to eat more nutrient dense packed foods. The other 10% includes vegan cheese here and there, as well as store bought condiments (even that is pretty limited). I make my own cashew sour cream and cashew parmesan, I’m going to venture into making my own almond creamer and milk next week! When I think of it, I eat pretty well! I’ve been getting more picky with the foods I buy and try to limit buying packaged foods (unless they have a good ingredient list, like real food items).

I’ll try to work on a post where I show “what I eat in a day” type of thing!

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