Running Again!

Running Again!

It’s been nearly two weeks since I ran last and I finally got on the treadmill this morning! I changed my wake up alarm to 4:30 for this week (and the month) so I could get in a run or walk before I take a shower and start my day. It worked out perfectly! I got up, had my coffee and then hopped on the treadmill at 5:15 for 30 minutes. I had about 15 minutes to cool down after my run before taking a shower… I hate jumping in the shower directly after sweating, I always feel so humid after I shower no matter what lol

I took it slow with a 60:90 sec run/walk and it felt great. I’m trying not to focus on my pace since I’m about a minute slower on the treadmill vs. on the pavement. So my focus with running right now is just to run and enjoy every second of it.

After I got home I took my bike out for an 11 mile ride. I was very hesitant on taking my bike out since nearly getting hit by a car last week and almost took my bike to a local park to ride, but I decided that I needed to face my fear and go back out on my canal trail. I took my time at the crosswalks and also didn’t go out till after 9am, I noticed the roads were way less busy so I plan to go out at this time for now on. I was going out before 9am and I think I was hitting a lot of the crazy “off to work” traffic.

I ran by the store and picked up a few snacks! I also grabbed Daiya ranch dressing to try and Vital Gluten to try making seitan this weekend with my husband. I started a small little blog for writing about my adventures in vegetarianism, if you are interested it’s called Jess Uprooted. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it so we’ll see! I’m a blog-a -holic so creating another blog was a no brainer lol!

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