Run with Me Lucky Charm!

Run with Me Lucky Charm!

First virtual run for March in the books! I had planned on doing a 3.5 mile run this morning so I thought I would do this virtual run today! I have quite a few to do this month plus two live races (19th and 25th). I did the Gone for a Run virtual race last year for St. Patrick’s Day, the Kiss Me I’m a Runner, and I decided to compare my pace average to last year… wow! Last year I did an average of 16:56 min/mi and today I did a 14:40 min/mi! Very happy with my progress, shaved over two minutes off my time from last year.

Splits: 14:47 – 14:37 – 14:43 – 14:27 (1/2 mile at the end)

Came home with a smile even though it was a mentally tough run! My mind was not there today but I got the run done anyways and felt great after! My right hip is very sore after this morning though, I think a mix of weight training yesterday and sleeping heavy on my right side… just an angry hip. Going to stretch out really good this afternoon! I don’t get sore hips often but from time to time this pops up for a day or so.

Yesterday I was checking to see how a skirt looked on me that I found in my drawer and caught a glimpse of my calves! When did these bad boys pop up?! I give running most of the credit but I think my weight training is helping a lot too! I have been seeing lots of progress in my arms but haven’t looked much at my legs, I’m thrilled with the progress of them now too! I was going to do comparison pictures but I really didn’t see much change, I don’t have “fat” legs but they aren’t skinny by all means! So it may take several months before I see more upper leg definition, which is totally ok!

I’m going to start hip strengthening workouts tonight and do them 3x per week (m-w-f) to help strengthen up my hips, I never get leg pain when running just sore hips from time to time and I think it’s about time I take care of those! This rad chick in the FFTFL group, who I also like to call a friend, posted this video that her trainer has her do so I’m going to start these!

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