Rest Run Repeat

Rest Run Repeat

Missed posting yesterday, this week has me on lazy status for sure lol! Really hoping this won’t be how summer will turn into! I did get my 1 mile test run in yesterday and it went well! I took it slow (15:55 min/mi) and kept my stride short. It seemed to help though, I’m slower on the treadmill anyways so that helped too. I discovered my hip issue isn’t bursitis (yay) but it’s an angry IT band (boo). I started working on specific stretches yesterday for my IT band and it has been working wonders! I have been rolling my IT band as well more, as much as it hurts, it is helping as well.

Today is weights at home, then will do another test run tomorrow morning and I’m going to aim for a short 1.5 mile this time. My 5k race is on Sunday and I’m determined, pain or not, to PR on this race and get my 45:00 or less time… or at least PR last years course (48:00). If I remember correctly, it’s a two lap course and the finish line is all down hill so I have that on my side this year. Last year when I did the Cookies & Milk 5k I remember trying to run to the finish line but I was still very new to running so I wasn’t as strong, this year I am much stronger and hope to finish strong.

I’ve been getting new badges from Stridebadge all week in the mail, yesterday I got my challenge badges that I did with a new friend on IG! They are SO cute! I need to sign up for more now, I’m almost done earning my 96 mile badge though, only 10 mile to go!

My daughters “dreams came true” yesterday when she finally got her hands on one of those Hatchimals. Her grades have been great so my mom offered to reward her for her hard work with one and after calling and hunting one down at Target, she ended up getting their only Hatchimal. I’ll admit, it was cute to watch hatch… then I lost all interest LOL! It didn’t take her long to dress it up with a tutu and princess crown though haha!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: So, yesterday… oh man, it was our “grocery day” so that means the house was fairly dry as far as food goes… and let’s just say, it was not my proudest eating day LOL! Forgive and forget, I say. Not going to let one day of bad eating ruin my mood or ruin the rest of the week. It’s done and over, no use stressing.

I have planned out my day with meals and ready to go! I was so grossed out by yesterdays choices… which is great! I won’t repeat it today lol!

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