Project One Five

Project One Five

Today’s food choices have been a much better today than yesterday, back at it! Started my morning with a smoothie and got my weight training done! My goal for today was to eat clean and healthy, ignore the crap. Food is fuel!

When I have a bad day, I usually stop right there and evaluate it. See what went wrong, what I need to do to not have a bad day again, and move on. I have been doing great with no binges after dinner… yesterday I had a major binge after dinner. Looking at my previous week, I was losing on the scale consistently when I cut out all binging after dinner, that is key for me big time I have found. So today I’m focused on not binging, it is back to day one with this and that’s ok! I now look to see how long I can go without a binge, not try to see it as falling off track and failing. It’s more like “how long can you balance a ball on your head”.

One of the original FFTFL tribe members (he was in the documentary and is simply amazing) is John Hulsey. He started this thing called Project One Five and I decided that I need to try do this starting today! I’m going to focus on 5 things each day that will keep me on track, focus on my health, and get me to my goals. I’m going to share this on my Twitter, but I will aim to do a daily post with my 5 actions each day. Here’s to the next 100 days!

Action 001 – Food is fuel. This morning I fueled up on a healthy smoothie! My favorite smoothie is the PB & J and I make it almost daily, I LOVE it! It is both healthy and makes me feel really good.

Action 002 – Water. I drink a minimum of 100oz a day! Today I’m using my big 33oz Camelbak bottle and I tend to fill this one up 3-4 times per day.

Action 003 – Surround myself with positivity. Positive mantras to wear on my wrist and neck are always something you will see on me. I just got some new wraps today, along with my first Momentum necklace.

Action 004 – Getting outside. Saw our hibiscus flowers had bloomed and it made me smile. I try to get outside to breath in some fresh air and clear my head several times a day.

Action 005 –  Rest. I headed to bed early tonight to relax and watch documentaries! Woot!

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