Kick Ass and Repeat!

Kick Ass and Repeat!

Today started out great! My eating has been spot on, water intake has flawless, and I got in a lot of activity before 11 am!

For a while now I’ve wanted to start the habit of doing 30 min of walking on the treadmill (or running) each morning. Monday I had planned to do it but I was super tired and skipped in… this morning I got up at 4:45 so I had plenty of time to wake up and drink my coffee before jumping on the treadmill at 5:30. I almost skipped it again but thought “nope, going to get it done” and I did just that. I spent 30 min on the treadmill with a nice steady walking pace of 17:22 for 1.73 miles. I always watch Netflix when I do walking on the treadmill so I started the new film by Tony Robbins called I’m not your guru… so good! I need to watch this tonight in the bedroom!

I’m planning to do 30 min of walking again tomorrow morning! I may take it easy with running this week due to my right knee. It ended up pretty swollen last night after doing a longer run interval yesterday (pretty sure that was to blame too) so I’m going to lay low with running for a few days.

After I got my day going and the kiddo dropped off at school, I made my way to the gym for weight training. Because my right knee is giving me issues, I skipped leg press and back squats today so it was a shorter 30 min weight training session this morning but I kicked ass and got it done, despite not wanting to go today. After going in, I’m glad I did!

I managed to get in a bike ride before lunch and did my longest distance so far of 10.33 miles under and hour! Woot! I’m getting more and more comfortable with my bike and I love her to pieces!! I’m really glad that I have a bike now for when I don’t feel like running, I’m still getting some movement in my day. My legs are jello today after that ride lol!

I’ve gotten in a little over 14.5 miles on the bike and 2.75 miles of walking/running (miles are going towards the 10k & S.P.E.W. HRC virtual race since we can split up our distances – only 3.45 miles left to do).

Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus

This morning I had planned to restart week 3 – day 1 of the FFTFl 1st Mile training… and it ended with just .61 miles under my belt. I was not feeling it at all. Just like the other day I tried to a 90/60 run/walk, I just didn’t enjoy my run whatsoever. With that, I decided to fully pull out of the group and do my own thing like normal. Last week I said I pulled out of the group but then rejoined after someone re-added me to it, I took it as a sign to try again.

I run because I enjoy running and it gets me out of my head for a while. When running turns into a chore, it loses its spark for me… I would rather run my own way than to have it burn me out right now, I can see that happening with each run to so I’m hoping if I pull out of this group training now it won’t push me too far off my running mojo.

After I got back home from that super short run, I decided to change clothes and take my bike out instead. I got in 4.26 miles in about 25 minutes before I left for my eye appointment this morning. That ride felt amazing! It was just what I needed after a rough morning. I wanted to ride for an hour but gave myself a 30 min window so I had time to change and clean up before I went to get my eyes checked. I’m hoping to get back out tonight on my bike or attempt a run on the treadmill this evening.

I finally got new glasses after over 7 years! I was way overdue for new ones, big time! They will be ready in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see clearly again… without massive scratches on my right lens too, my current pair are in the worst shape ever. The anti-glare treatment on my current pair are so heavily scratched and scuffed that it looks like I’m looking through a dirty window 24/7. The wait is going to kill me though, I want the new pair now but since my prescription is a heavy one it’s considered “speciality” so they take longer to get done.

I decided to go with a slightly new look, I’ve been wearing black thick plastic style since Junior High, I love the style of them but it was time for a slight change! I ended up finding these dark brown fade style that I loved. They go with my hair color really well to, just hoping when the right lenses are in I won’t regret them LOL The downside to picking out glasses when you can’t see 3 inches in front of your face… I brought my mom with me to help pick them though.

Accountability: I have been off track with my eating for over a week and a half, no lie. It has been ugly lol! I’m not upset at myself, as life happens. My running lately has been rough and I’m pretty sure my eating habits lately have been the main cause of this. I was on track with my eating this morning until I stopped at Panda Express for lunch… I just have a hard time saying no lately, which is not like me at all.

My focus this week is water intake and making healthy choices! I need to pre-plan out my day so I can stick with what I have my focus on. Just because I had a bad lunch, doesn’t mean today is trashed, I will keep going and keep my focus. I have two more water refills to go till I reach my water goal for the day, if I can finish those I will call today a success within itself!

It’s ok to fall off track, it happens to me and everyone else. The key is to recognize that we haven’t been 100% lately and to find what is hindering us so we can correct it. Also, being honest with yourself is a huge part of it! If your going to lie to yourself, you will get no where fast.

So, my goals right now:

– 100 oz of water daily
– Healthy choices
– Moderation!
– Move more, eat less

Chocolate Bunny 5k Race Recap

Chocolate Bunny 5k Race Recap

It has been a busy weekend, I was hoping to post on the blog yesterday but we were out nearly all day running errands, buying plants, and enjoying the day. I did the Chocolate Bunny 5k on Saturday morning, was the first race I’ve done through Road Runner Sports in Tempe! We got there around 6:30 so I could check in and grab my bib, it was pretty dead until around 7 am. Race was supposed to start at 8 am sharp but we didn’t actually start the race until almost 8:30, normally I don’t mind a late start but I could feel the sun burning the back of my legs and back (I was in a tank top)… I was right too, when I got home I had some new sun burn action.

The course was fairly new to me, though I have ran in that location before. I really liked the in & out course along Tempe Town Lake! It was only around 70º, but with the sun it felt like 90º, it was warm… not going to lie lol!

I ended up reaching a new official PR 5k time – 45:27!! So happy, my late PR at a race was 48:00 on the dot, so I was thrilled to finally get a new chip time PR. If it weren’t for this steep hill I had to climb back up, I think I would have done a sub 45:00 easily. This little climb after mile 2 really slowed me down and I had to catch my breath for an extra 30 seconds walk on my run/walk ratio, which I did a 1:1 the whole race. I’m thrilled with my time though! I had an average pace of 14:40 min/mi and that has been my fastest pace in a live race setting! I even saw I hit a 9:39 min/mi pace at some point today! What?! That is crazy!

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, we did a lot of plant and home decor shopping. We picked up a few new plants, can’t remember which I already mentioned and what is new at this point, I do know we got a Cherry Plum for the front yard. We did get some indoor plants for the living room though, we needed indoor plants badly. Along with some plants, we picked up a nice water fountain feature for the backyard! It’s been so nice to hear, I have been cracking the patio door so I can hear it in the living room.

We spent Easter at my parents house for lunch. Our mission was to bring a fruit salad… so we made it festive with pineapple, dragon fruit, starfruit, mango, and grapes.

Confession: I have not been eating 100%… not even 50% healthy. I have been so far off track that I don’t even remember the last healthy thing I ate in the past week. Tomorrow I will be focusing on getting back on track, I have a plan to stay active this week as well. Since it’s getting too warm outside to run for me, I’ll be moving indoors on the treadmill… I really hoped the heat wouldn’t bother me this year and I was super determined to run outside at least until the end of May… I just can’t tolerate any warmth on my run. It has been killing my runs and slowing me down pretty bad, not to mention my HR is through the roof on the past few runs due to me overheating.

So, the plan is to jump on the treadmill before I take a shower in the morning. Since I get up at 5 am usually (sometimes 4:30), I will aim to at least go on the treadmill for 30 min at 5:30. I tend to focus on doing a minimum of a 5k on each run though, so I may get on the treadmill at 5:15 sometimes. The goal though is for me to be able to fit more activity into my mornings like bike riding! If I get a run done in the morning, that will free up morning time to ride my bike earlier in the day after I drop off the kiddo at school! We will see how tomorrow goes, I like to run in the morning but not super early so it will be interesting!

One more ride!

One more ride!

Today I was able to squeeze in one more bike ride before the weekend after I got home from the gym (weight training)! I’m taking a day off tomorrow to rest up my legs for my race on Saturday, they are beat. Today I did my longest ride yet, 6.21 miles and I ventured down the south side of the canal trail that I normally run and bike on. Came across lots of farm land, horses, parks, and many ducks swimming along in the canal. Was a great ride!

So far, I have done a little over 20 miles on my bike this week and only 3 miles running (will be 6 after Saturday). Some days I don’t reach my 10k step goal on non-running days, but lately I haven’t cared as long as I’m active on those non-run days (weight training, walking, biking, etc). Like today I’m really low on steps but have done a lot even before lunch… weight training (37 min) and bike ride (6.21 miles)… I think that balances out pretty well! So I’m going to try and not sweat it on my low step days as long as I’m active. Though the day is still fairly young so I hope to get a lot more steps in lol!

When I got home I saw that I got some packages in the mail and it was an epic mail day filled with fun things! I ordered a new stem cap for Metta (my bike) and swapped it out after lunch… it’s a donut!! I got it from Bikelangelo and they have many awesome stem caps! Also, I ordered some new pins from PinCause, a patch from For the Love of Patch, and a water bottle for my bike holder and bracelets from Betty Designs!

My bike journal arrived too! I got one to jot down my rides, notes from the ride, etc. I thought it would be a fun way to document my bike rides. The journal is awesome! I’ve already opened it up to take a peek, it’s filled with drawn illustrations throughout the pages, very scrap booked style. I can’t wait to start using it, I’ll just keep it in my pannier bag on my bike.

I know this started out as a running blog, but I will be talking often about my biking adventures for sure! Sorry, not sorry haha!! I can’t decide what I like more, riding or running… both are equally exciting to me now! It’s still blowing my mind that I haven’t wanted to bike for years but my weight was stopping me… and now I have ridden my new bike every day since I got her. I’m truly grateful to the life I’m living right now.

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

This morning was my last run with the FFTFL 1st Mile group, I love the structure and group but I was losing my running mojo with the training each week. I was very much missing my regular runs, where I do intervals that speak to me. So I decided to pull out of the group but I may be back down the road. This mornings run started out pretty rough, more mental than anything. After I did the repeats of a 90/60 run/walk intervals I switched to a slower interval (30/45) since the heat was really getting to me. My pace was slower than my usually lately but I didn’t care. I wanted to quit early on but after switching my pace I stuck with it and ended up finishing a 5k distance this morning. I put my miles towards my next Stridebadge patch (Nasty Woman)!

UPDATE: I have decided to stick with the 1st mile group and see how day 2 goes this week. Planning to run on Thursday. Maybe I’m just having an off week, we shall see!

The temps suck for sure when running, any other part of the day they are fine. It was 75º out when I went for my run, no wind and all Az sun. Forgot to wear sunscreen this morning and I haven’t looked in the mirror yet… I know it will be bad lol! My Garmin wrist is glowing, it’s pretty funny looking when I don’t have my Garmin on lol!!

I’ll admit, I’ve been hooked with riding my bike so that has been sucking up my morning run time, but I refuse to slip on my running. I know once my running slips, my eating is to follow. It happened just like that last year and I refuse to repeat it! I will be on the treadmill after April is over, trying to stick it out for the rest of the month… if I could get out earlier it would help a ton but I can’t go on a run till after I drop the kiddo off at school so I normally don’t get out there till around 8:30. I hate running at night too, so that is out of the question, I’m much more of a morning runner!

This afternoon I did 4.28 miles on my bike, I couldn’t resist… she was just sitting there in my entry way, staring at me! I only planned on a mile… but ya, right! I have officially named her Metta. The word “metta” means loving-kindness. Also, have I said that I love my new Garmin today?! I adore it!!

I may be obsessed…

I may be obsessed…

I haven’t ran since Sunday… ya. I just haven’t been “feeling” it since Friday’s run and then on Sunday it was “eh”. I’m just in a running slump but don’t plan to stop any time soon, just taking a few days off. I was going to run tonight on the treadmill (I may still) but decided to run tomorrow instead. Between the weather warming up and just feeling “blah”, running hasn’t been on my mind lol!

You know what has been on my mind?! My bike! I’ve ridden her every day since I bought her on Friday and I love her to pieces! Her name is sitting on the tip of my tongue, still not decided, though I really love the name Metta. I’ve been inching farther and farther for my rides, yesterday I did 4.25 miles and this morning I did 5.42 miles. I wanted to go further this morning but I was getting warm with the sun in my eyes and didn’t wear a hat… if I had, I may have stayed out longer (I didn’t go out till about 10 this morning too).

Other than biking this morning I spent 45 minutes at the gym doing weights. I really didn’t feel like going today but made myself go anyways, glad I did. Not sure what it is about this week, just feeling too relaxed I guess haha! I also got to try out my new Garmin with strength training after setting up the custom activity profile… love it! Right now I’m doing a battery test and charged it fully on Sunday, so I’m curious how long it will go till I need a charge with using it so much this week already. It looks to be around 80% charged right now, not bad!

Yesterday I added some patches and pins to my pannier bag, I plan to add a bunch more as time goes on… I can see this becoming a little obsession in itself lol! I may have ordered a few as well last night… and this morning… ya. My plan is to pick up a patch or pin wherever I take my bike, like up to Sedona or Flagstaff, etc. I need to get a rack still for our cars, that is next on the list to get.

I picked up a bicycle magazine along with my Runners World May issue, not sure I will get this magazine again but I plan to use some of the pictures for a collage in our home gym room. A little bike inspiration board or something fun.

So far I have done 9.67 miles on my bike this week and… no running, I need to get on that! I made a goal to do 9 running miles and 12 biking miles this week…. maybe I will jump on the treadmill tonight for a 2 mile run lol!!


Monday Ride

Monday Ride

This morning I took my bike out for a ride, planned on 4 miles but was having a little too much fun and it was so nice! My ride this morning was the first real ride, I was really nervous about going on the main street and using the crosswalks… which sounds dumb I’m sure lol! Being off the saddle for 20+ years will take some getting used to haha! Once I was on the canal trail though, I was having so much fun! I need to remember not to grip the handles so tight, my palms were starting to hurt because I was using a death grip. I finally relaxed and it felt much better haha!! My only goal for this ride was to not fall in the canal LOL!

She still needs a name and I’m leaning towards a few… Metta (means loving – kindness), Rutabaga (because it’s my favorite word to say ever), or something else… it will come to me. One thing I noticed it how much I’m in the present moment when I’m on my bike. I don’t think about anything other than what I’m doing that very moment, it’s extremely mindful and I love it! I’m able to zone out and feel the wind in my hair and on my face, focus on my trail, and just breath.

I ended up doing 4.25 miles in a little over 30 minutes. My fastest speed was 11.7 mph and my average was 8.1 mph, not sure if that is super slow or what but it felt nice haha!! I for sure felt new leg muscles being worked and will feel it tomorrow for sure I bet.

I’m doing a short 1.5-2 mile run tomorrow since I moved it from today. All my runs this week will be back-to-back… Tuesday/Wednesday… and Friday/Saturday (5k race). I usually like a rest in between but this was a wonky week. So I’m just doing easy runs and no more than 2 miles until race day on Saturday (Chocolate Bunny 5k in Tempe). I saw there are only 150 people registered for this race so far, so it will be by far the smallest race I have done… a little nervous about it being a small race. I don’t mind coming in last but in the back of my mind there is a chance I may, who knows. All I know is that I’m getting a cute lapel pin to go with the medal and it’s the first lapel pin I’ve gotten in a race… and I’m excited haha!! I’m also doing this race solo, meaning not having Bob and Zoë come with me. Since it’s small and in town, I figure I’ll go down, do the race and come home. It’s nothing big or anything, but I’m looking forward to the course since it’s on a new trail in Tempe that I’ve wanted to run!


Bye, Weekend

Bye, Weekend

This weekend has been a long and busy one, but a fun one! We got a lot of errands done, minus grocery shopping… will go tomorrow! I was able to get a few bike rides in, short ones so far but will go longer this week. I added a pannier bag to the back rear rack on my bike so now I can carry my camera, extra water, snacks, bike repair gear (multi-tool, patches, and travel pump). I want to get a small first aid kit for my bag too, I think that would be handy to keep in there. I do need to get a bike rack still for the back of my Scion IQ, I want to take her up north to ride!

I did a test run with my Garmin this morning… and oh how much I adore this Garmin! I have zero guilt buying this 735xt, it was a big splurge but fully worth the money so far. I’m excited to try it on a swim this summer! I will test it out on Tuesday with weight training too, I already set up a custom activity profile for strength training.

Today we ran around town to check out some plant nurseries, one was new to us and the other was a favorite of ours, Dig It in Phoenix. The other was a tropical fruit tree nursery in downtown Phoenix, they had over 40 mango varieties on site. I’m kicking myself for not picking one up, trying to convince my husband to grab one this week on his way home lol! Mango’s grow very well here in our part of Az!

We did pick up a few new plant friends this weekend… besides the ones we picked up yesterday (dragon fruit, passion, etc), we got a Plumeria (unknown color right now) and Ice Cream Banana! Very excited about the banana, that was a surprise that Bob brought home… he mentioned he got the Plumeria… but then it looks like it had a banana tree baby on the car ride home, hmmm lol!!

We will be busy this week planting all these tree’s! Some are going in pots, some in the ground.

Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday

It has been a busy weekend so far! Lots of errands, play, and everything in between. We started off our morning by dropping Maggie off at the groomers for a much needed grooming, she was getting some mats behind her ears and butt so she needed it badly! Then we had to return my daughters bike since it had a badly striped bolt and we couldn’t get it off to put on the training wheels (she requested training wheels, first two wheel bike for her). She got a new one and I took her out to ride a bit, she is still getting the hang of it lol!

Maggie came home gorgeous, soft, and mat free! Our groomer does an amazing job with her and Maggie loves them. Looking forward to dog cuddles tonight in bed now that she’s all soft and fluffy haha!

This afternoon the mail man dropped off a new toy for me to play with this week… a new Garmin!! I upgraded and replaced my Forerunner 230 and bought a 735xt that I have had my eyes on for quite some time now. I’m already in love! I set it up, charged it, and have been wearing it for a couple hours now… love it! I can’t wait to try it in the morning with a short 2 mile run, I’m planning to do a couple miles on the bike tomorrow as well to try that out.

I took my bike out a few times today with Zoë to just ride around out front and get used to it… I am working on turns lol!! It’s been so long since I rode one that I’m a bit slow when it comes to turning, but I’m getting better haha!! I’m hoping to do a short ride, maybe 4 miles, and test out my Garmin with biking to see how it does. I have biking on my other 230 Garmin but never tried it.

We picked up a new cactus friend for the patio table! Bob went up to the plant nursery and brought home some more plants… a goji berry, another dragon fruit (yellow variety this time), and a fruiting passion vine (we have one but it’s a hybrid and doesn’t fruit)! So excited to get these going, I hear the yellow dragon fruit are amazing and the most sweet, we have a pink variety now and they will both be going in a half whiskey barrel together tomorrow.

I’m still on the hunt for my wish list tree, a donut peach! We have been wanting one badly and don’t care if it’s a dwarf or full, we will make it work haha! Donut peaches are my all time favorite fruit, I look forward to the season this year!

New Adventures

New Adventures

Eep! Some of you may remember me talking about how I wanted a bike as a reward last year… well, I finally got my bike! I’ve been looking and researching them for the past few weeks and went down yesterday to Landis Cyclery to check out their Electra Townie’s but fell in love with a Trek bike. I went back this evening to pick her up and ended up falling even more in love with a similar bike I wanted to get but a different model, a Trek Neko WSD. I love her to pieces!!

I had a rear rack added and they installed it for me real quick, I also ordered saddle bags tonight for it (to hold water, camera gear, etc).  Naturally, I had to get a fun bell so I grabbed a monster one but Nutcase! I saw this bell online and was thrilled to see they had one.

It’s been a good 20 years since I have been on a bike so I was super nervous about test riding it at the bike shop, but the saying is true… it’s just like riding a bike, I had no issues and rode just fine lol! I do need some practice to get comfortable again haha!

Tonight I also ordered a new Garmin, it should be here tomorrow and I’ll post what I ended up upgrading to when it’s in my hands… I’m quite excited! It’s been a day of new gear for sure haha! With getting more and more active, I really wanted a Garmin that could replace my Fitbit Charge HR and do more with… swimming, strength training, running, biking, etc. My current Forerunner 230 does biking, running, and indoor running but no HR. Super excited!!

My bike needs a name!

Today I did Week 2 – Day 3 of the #FFTFL1stMile and it was a rough run! The heat really killed it for me but I managed to get my 4 miles done regardless. Also, I don’t think my legs got the memo that it is a run day… they were slacking big time haha! When I got home it was 78º, the run was full Az sun and no wind, it was a warm one!

I did get the Chicks on a Run 4 mile virtual run done! Earned this adorable medal on my run, made the heat totally worth it! Haha! My pace wasn’t the greatest but also not bad, was a 15:16 min/mi average pace. I stuck with a 60/90 run/walk interval for the whole 4 miles as well!