#FacetoFace Friday

#FacetoFace Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Woot! Normally I do a themed virtual run in memory of my MIL (who passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 2015) but my IT band is still giving me some trouble. I managed to get .62 miles in on the treadmill before my daughter needed something, but right before I stopped I felt that pain start up so I’m glad I stopped when I did. This may actually cause me to pull out of the 5k race on Sunday if I can’t even walk it, not too happy about it but it is what it is.

I was having a good hair day so I decided to participate in the #FacetoFace Friday fun! I remember when I took the picture on the left, I was embracing the idea that I would never lose weight and that I would be “at this size” forever. One positive thing about that picture though was that I was starting to learn to love myself at that size and was embracing body positivity, I don’t dislike that picture one bit. It reminds me of the bravery I was facing when I started to realize that I can accept myself no matter what, despite not being happy with my weight. Jump to today, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I have enough energy to fuel a train and feel unstoppable… well, I’m sidelined right now with running, but you know what I mean haha!!

Today I ran over to the store and picked up some healthy treats, I always get so excited to look down at my cart and see only healthy stuff! It’s a gorgeous view for sure! I wanted to try and find some quick, yet clean, oatmeal. I tried some for the first time the other day and wanted to find a good kind (yes, I’m a massive picky eater but I’m making baby steps lol). I ended up finding this brand called Love Grown and it looks good! Ingredients: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, apples.

I also found some good snack bars called That’s It and they are extremely clean and healthy! Ingredients: apples and strawberries… that’s it! The other is apples and mangoes. For 100 calories and 3-5g of fiber, not bad! I’m trying to add in more fiber and also trying to clean up my eating even more, I’m striving to do an 80% plant based and 20% everything else like chicken, creamer, sour cream, etc.

I did get my donut treat finally after weeks of wanting a donut! I ran by Dunkin’ and picked one up and coffee (another treat). I’m good to go now for a few weeks now that I got that out of my system lol!

Action 006 – Treat yourself. I’ve been wanting a donut for weeks, I got my donut! Moderation is key!

Action 007 – Try new things. Picked up new bars and oatmeal to try that have no added crap!

Action 008 – Mind over matter. Knowing to take a breather before reaching for that craving. The craving will always pass. I like to take a 2-3 minute time out, chances are that if it’s just a random craving out of boredom, it will pass and I won’t want it anymore.

Action 009 –Don’t be so serious. Life is much more enjoyable when you have fun and laugh more!

Action 010 – Early dinner. Eating dinner early tends to work really well for me and weight loss. I try not to binge after dinner and just work on my water, I guess you could call it “intermittent fasting”. When I cut out after dinner snacking the pounds literally fall off me and I wake up feeling good (rather than bloated).

Project One Five

Project One Five

Today’s food choices have been a much better today than yesterday, back at it! Started my morning with a smoothie and got my weight training done! My goal for today was to eat clean and healthy, ignore the crap. Food is fuel!

When I have a bad day, I usually stop right there and evaluate it. See what went wrong, what I need to do to not have a bad day again, and move on. I have been doing great with no binges after dinner… yesterday I had a major binge after dinner. Looking at my previous week, I was losing on the scale consistently when I cut out all binging after dinner, that is key for me big time I have found. So today I’m focused on not binging, it is back to day one with this and that’s ok! I now look to see how long I can go without a binge, not try to see it as falling off track and failing. It’s more like “how long can you balance a ball on your head”.

One of the original FFTFL tribe members (he was in the documentary and is simply amazing) is John Hulsey. He started this thing called Project One Five and I decided that I need to try do this starting today! I’m going to focus on 5 things each day that will keep me on track, focus on my health, and get me to my goals. I’m going to share this on my Twitter, but I will aim to do a daily post with my 5 actions each day. Here’s to the next 100 days!

Action 001 – Food is fuel. This morning I fueled up on a healthy smoothie! My favorite smoothie is the PB & J and I make it almost daily, I LOVE it! It is both healthy and makes me feel really good.

Action 002 – Water. I drink a minimum of 100oz a day! Today I’m using my big 33oz Camelbak bottle and I tend to fill this one up 3-4 times per day.

Action 003 – Surround myself with positivity. Positive mantras to wear on my wrist and neck are always something you will see on me. I just got some new wraps today, along with my first Momentum necklace.

Action 004 – Getting outside. Saw our hibiscus flowers had bloomed and it made me smile. I try to get outside to breath in some fresh air and clear my head several times a day.

Action 005 –  Rest. I headed to bed early tonight to relax and watch documentaries! Woot!

Rest Run Repeat

Rest Run Repeat

Missed posting yesterday, this week has me on lazy status for sure lol! Really hoping this won’t be how summer will turn into! I did get my 1 mile test run in yesterday and it went well! I took it slow (15:55 min/mi) and kept my stride short. It seemed to help though, I’m slower on the treadmill anyways so that helped too. I discovered my hip issue isn’t bursitis (yay) but it’s an angry IT band (boo). I started working on specific stretches yesterday for my IT band and it has been working wonders! I have been rolling my IT band as well more, as much as it hurts, it is helping as well.

Today is weights at home, then will do another test run tomorrow morning and I’m going to aim for a short 1.5 mile this time. My 5k race is on Sunday and I’m determined, pain or not, to PR on this race and get my 45:00 or less time… or at least PR last years course (48:00). If I remember correctly, it’s a two lap course and the finish line is all down hill so I have that on my side this year. Last year when I did the Cookies & Milk 5k I remember trying to run to the finish line but I was still very new to running so I wasn’t as strong, this year I am much stronger and hope to finish strong.

I’ve been getting new badges from Stridebadge all week in the mail, yesterday I got my challenge badges that I did with a new friend on IG! They are SO cute! I need to sign up for more now, I’m almost done earning my 96 mile badge though, only 10 mile to go!

My daughters “dreams came true” yesterday when she finally got her hands on one of those Hatchimals. Her grades have been great so my mom offered to reward her for her hard work with one and after calling and hunting one down at Target, she ended up getting their only Hatchimal. I’ll admit, it was cute to watch hatch… then I lost all interest LOL! It didn’t take her long to dress it up with a tutu and princess crown though haha!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: So, yesterday… oh man, it was our “grocery day” so that means the house was fairly dry as far as food goes… and let’s just say, it was not my proudest eating day LOL! Forgive and forget, I say. Not going to let one day of bad eating ruin my mood or ruin the rest of the week. It’s done and over, no use stressing.

I have planned out my day with meals and ready to go! I was so grossed out by yesterdays choices… which is great! I won’t repeat it today lol!

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!

Oh man, this week is going by S-L-O-W! I felt like a sloth yesterday without running in the morning, it’s been really getting to me. I miss running and it’s only been 4 days since I last ran… feel’s like weeks. My hip is still like a 3 on a scale of 1-10, so it’s a teeny bit angry still and I probably could attempt to do a short run but I know that if I give it rest today I may have a better run tomorrow, even if it’s just a short 1 miler. I really feel for those who are sidelined due to a major injury for months and months.

Since today is Tuesday, I thought I would share a little “Transformation Tuesday” action on the blog! Let’s do a face-to-face transformation! Left was at my heaviest at 320 lbs (when I had a knitting video podcast I did once a week) and the right was Friday at 230 lbs (I’m now 229.4)!

I clearly remember how I felt and acted in the picture in the left… I always wore a cardigan and had to keep the video camera in just the right light so I wouldn’t think I looked “that heavy” and then I would slap a crappy filter over the video to hide any flaws that people “may see”.

The picture on the right shows confidence and pride even after a crappy run… this was the run where my right hip got angry and I had to walk halfway home, but I didn’t quit! In this picture I see someone who has changed a LOT, she is wearing a tank top and a hat… two things I would never do in the past. I like the life in her eyes and I’m glad this is me!

This morning was my first full weight training session in our home gym, holy crap that was different but will be much felt tomorrow big time! I had to do some alternatives to the machines and cables since I only have dumbbells, a kettlebell, and bench to work with so some of the workouts I do at the gym were for sure different at home. Like Fly’s and Rear Delt Fly’s were used on my bench and dumbbells, normally I do 20# on the machine but I could only use 5# dumbbells for this alternative.

After that session, even lifting my iced coffee felt like a workout lol!! Crossing my fingers hard that I can run tomorrow!

Yesterday I got more badges in the mail from Stridebadge!!! I’m still waiting on two last badges to arrive soon and I need to register for some new ones too! My little patch collection is growing and I love it! Seeing these when I’m on the treadmill next to me always makes me smile. I want to do the rest of their 5k challenges, then work on some weekly stride challenges they have.

Monday, let’s do this!

Monday, let’s do this!

Happy Monday! It’s a fresh new week, so let’s do this! I may not be running this morning (super sad) but I did start my morning off great with a smoothie for breakfast and spent some time sewing… what?! It’s been at least a year since I have sewn anything but lately I’ve had the urge so I decided to dust everything off yesterday and sew up some sleeve cozies for my smoothie/coffee cup!

I’m obsessed with these sleeves now, I made two more this morning too. It’s been so long since I had the motivation to create something and I’ve been getting antsy to sell handmade again, but still taking it slow. I’m the type of person who can only focus on one big thing at a time, so I tend to obsess very easy and dive all in. I’m trying to pull back the reigns a bit and ease into things. But, if I do decide to sell again I will post a link!

I am SO happy this morning… I woke up to see 229.8 lbs on the scale this morning… that means I’m now at 90.2 lbs lost and less than 10 lbs from my lowest weight where I left off!!! Ahhhh!!! The hard work is for sure paying off and I’m happy with my progress. I was reflecting this morning on the scale, how I feel, etc. I am happy exactly where I am with my body and weight, I could stay like this forever and not care. BUT, I need to keep going because less weight will be less strain on my joints with running, so it’s not about vanity.

While I get excited to see the numbers on the scale move, it’s how my clothes are fitting that make me happier. I’m still wearing an XL tee and size 18 jeans (I can wear a large and size 16 but I like clothes to fit loose, not baggy though). I’m excited to take measurements on April 1st since I feel like my clothes are loose on me now than they were when I was at 220 lbs, I’m pretty sure weight training has helped in that department since muscle takes up less space than fat!

Bad, but Good Run!

Bad, but Good Run!

This morning I had my heart set out to do a 4 mile run but I ended up only doing 3.14 miles and earning some virtual run bling… but it wasn’t all bad. My right hip went out on me after I reached 1.5 miles so I ended up walking the rest back home with an angry, flared up hip. Why was this a bad, but good run? Let me tell you! Today was the first time that I wore a tank top out in public!! I have only worn a tank top on the treadmill one time, that’s it. I bit the bullet and headed out for a run wearing one of my new tops I posted the other day… I’ll admit, I stalled on getting out of the house but I got out there finally haha!

One huge thing I learned while wearing a tank top was that no one knew it was my first time, no one was “looking” at me weird, no one even cared… they were doing their own thing and not caring about me wearing a tank top. It’s ALL in my head and it was liberating! I felt awesome, and most of all I was comfortable on this run! I wasn’t overheating one bit, despite being drenched in a sweat. I took a selfie to mark this milestone and it was also the first time I took a post-run selfie… and in a hat! Very proud of myself today!

My time wasn’t horrible, but I was a bit bummed that I had to walk half of the run due to my hip. My mile splits were: 14:46 – 16:23 – 15:46… so you can tell which mile I really had to put the brakes on. I ended up running 1/4 of the 3rd mile since this man turned down the path with me and he was just giving me the creeps, so I wanted to get home faster and grow some distance between him and I. Maybe I’m paranoid but I just went with my gut (and text my husband my location GPS as I ran), better safe than sorry…. it hurt though! I’m taking rest for the next few days and icing since I have a 5k race next Sunday and I do not want to miss it!

Today was a happy little mail day! My badges from Stridebadge arrived!! I have a few more on the way too, these ones are cute! I’ll have to get a new picture of my collection on my cork board, they are growing and I love every single one of them. I need to register for more of them soon!

My eating has been awesome today, lots of fruit snacks, healthy clean meals, and water! The scale hasn’t moved much but I feel awesome!! I’m still crossing my fingers that I see 229 or less on the scale soon, I’m so close, I keep teetering back and forth from 230 to 231. It’s ok though, like I said, I feel awesome and love the changes I’m feeling.

I’m going to soak in the rest of the weekend before it starts to heat up too much next week, supposed to reach the 90’s again… ugh! Summer is creeping, but at least I’ll be wearing tank tops this year!!

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday!! Woot! Despite being cranky from having to skip my run this morning, I’ve been in a great mood lol! My right hip has been sore since my run on Wednesday so I decided to play it safe and rest one more day to see if I can get back to it feeling 100%, I would say I feel about 90% right now so that’s good! More icing and stretching is in order tonight!

I will admit, I have been lazy today and my steps are in the toilet BUT my eating has been on point and my water has been awesome, so I don’t care. I’m always going full force, so I’m embracing a lazy day lol! I did have an awesome mail day though, got new tee’s and two are tank tops… gulp! I’ve been so hot on my runs and so tired of wearing a tee shirt that I decided enough is enough, I’m wearing a tank top and I don’t care anymore. My arms are looking really good, despite a massive farmers tan right now (hoping to even that out over the next few weeks lol).

Today I did some goal work in my planner and prepped some pages for the weeks to come… I usually washi up the pages in a theme, so I spent time doing that for fun haha! I’m seeing the scale move again, though Aunt Flo came knocking this week so naturally the scale has been going down all week and then this morning it jumped up 6oz, so I skipped weigh in LOL! Will see how it is tomorrow or Sunday instead. I’m thrilled though since the inches are dropping and I’m physically feeling changes on my body… like, actually running my hands over my legs or arms. For the first time, I actually feel athletic and strong… and I love it more than the numbers on the scale. You just can’t replace “feeling” with “numbers”.

Yesterday was my last gym day until after spring break, ugh. Bitter sweet, I will miss this place for a week (a whopping two days, but still haha). I could go to the gym in the evening but I really don’t want to fight the after work crowd there so I’m going to be using my home gym next week and I’m very excited! It will be a nice test for the summer months and I will be able to see what I need to get still. I’ll have to get creative with some workouts since I don’t have the machines at home or barbells but I will make it work! I have dumbbells, a 20# kettlebell, and weight bench… plus my elliptical, treadmill, and yoga mat. I know lots of squats will be on the schedule next week haha!

I kicked butt though with weights yesterday and really put in a lot of focus. Proud of my hard work and excited for future results!

Super Mom Virtual Run!

Super Mom Virtual Run!

Another awesome virtual run happening soon… well, May but close enough! I’m excited! Being a stay at home mom and feeling like superwoman on most days (ok, everyday) this is a virtual run that I just had to register for! The SuperMom 5k/10k virtual run is on May 7th-14th and is hosted by Virtual Pace Series and what a great medal it is!!The medal features different languages around the world, it’s truly a special medal. Just like the other virtual runs you can walk, run, hop, or crawl your way to earn this medal at your own pace and your own location!

I will be doing this virtual run in honor of Mother’s Day for me, my mother, and all the other mothers out there! There is a limited shoe charm if you hurry and register now before they are gone too!!

Use code “4COFFEE” to get $4 off this virtual run! Register HERE

Run with Me Lucky Charm!

Run with Me Lucky Charm!

First virtual run for March in the books! I had planned on doing a 3.5 mile run this morning so I thought I would do this virtual run today! I have quite a few to do this month plus two live races (19th and 25th). I did the Gone for a Run virtual race last year for St. Patrick’s Day, the Kiss Me I’m a Runner, and I decided to compare my pace average to last year… wow! Last year I did an average of 16:56 min/mi and today I did a 14:40 min/mi! Very happy with my progress, shaved over two minutes off my time from last year.

Splits: 14:47 – 14:37 – 14:43 – 14:27 (1/2 mile at the end)

Came home with a smile even though it was a mentally tough run! My mind was not there today but I got the run done anyways and felt great after! My right hip is very sore after this morning though, I think a mix of weight training yesterday and sleeping heavy on my right side… just an angry hip. Going to stretch out really good this afternoon! I don’t get sore hips often but from time to time this pops up for a day or so.

Yesterday I was checking to see how a skirt looked on me that I found in my drawer and caught a glimpse of my calves! When did these bad boys pop up?! I give running most of the credit but I think my weight training is helping a lot too! I have been seeing lots of progress in my arms but haven’t looked much at my legs, I’m thrilled with the progress of them now too! I was going to do comparison pictures but I really didn’t see much change, I don’t have “fat” legs but they aren’t skinny by all means! So it may take several months before I see more upper leg definition, which is totally ok!

I’m going to start hip strengthening workouts tonight and do them 3x per week (m-w-f) to help strengthen up my hips, I never get leg pain when running just sore hips from time to time and I think it’s about time I take care of those! This rad chick in the FFTFL group, who I also like to call a friend, posted this video that her trainer has her do so I’m going to start these!

International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day!

What a better day to announce some fun news! I found this out on the 1st but was holding on posting , but I can’t wait any longer haha!! A while back I was crossing my fingers that I would be selected as an ambassador this year for Momentum Jewelry…. well, I was accepted!!!!

Being an ambassador for this company gives me a huge sense of pride! I can go on and on about how amazing Momentum is, to be a part of them this year means a lot to me. I get so many comments on my bracelets and people asking “I need that bracelet! or Where did you get that wrap?!”. It makes me smile so much when I tell them where they can find their own and hear them write back that they ordered some!

I don’t just wear my motivation wraps as accessories, I use them. I select my bracelet for the day based on what faces me on my schedule, most of the time it’s a run… when I struggle, I know that I can look down at my wrist and remind myself of a mantra to keep me going! My “go-to” wrap has been my “YES! you can” and I wear this wrap when I have a longer run to tackle or if I’m just not feeling the run that morning before heading out. When I want to quit, it reminds me that I can do this and I push on!

Momentum just released a new wrap message to honor International Women’s Day and they are gorgeous!! They have a special going on with this wrap right now – TWO for $25 (one for you and one for you to give)! Also, $10 from each sale is being donated to Girls Inc.