One more ride!

One more ride!

Today I was able to squeeze in one more bike ride before the weekend after I got home from the gym (weight training)! I’m taking a day off tomorrow to rest up my legs for my race on Saturday, they are beat. Today I did my longest ride yet, 6.21 miles and I ventured down the south side of the canal trail that I normally run and bike on. Came across lots of farm land, horses, parks, and many ducks swimming along in the canal. Was a great ride!

So far, I have done a little over 20 miles on my bike this week and only 3 miles running (will be 6 after Saturday). Some days I don’t reach my 10k step goal on non-running days, but lately I haven’t cared as long as I’m active on those non-run days (weight training, walking, biking, etc). Like today I’m really low on steps but have done a lot even before lunch… weight training (37 min) and bike ride (6.21 miles)… I think that balances out pretty well! So I’m going to try and not sweat it on my low step days as long as I’m active. Though the day is still fairly young so I hope to get a lot more steps in lol!

When I got home I saw that I got some packages in the mail and it was an epic mail day filled with fun things! I ordered a new stem cap for Metta (my bike) and swapped it out after lunch… it’s a donut!! I got it from Bikelangelo and they have many awesome stem caps! Also, I ordered some new pins from PinCause, a patch from For the Love of Patch, and a water bottle for my bike holder and bracelets from Betty Designs!

My bike journal arrived too! I got one to jot down my rides, notes from the ride, etc. I thought it would be a fun way to document my bike rides. The journal is awesome! I’ve already opened it up to take a peek, it’s filled with drawn illustrations throughout the pages, very scrap booked style. I can’t wait to start using it, I’ll just keep it in my pannier bag on my bike.

I know this started out as a running blog, but I will be talking often about my biking adventures for sure! Sorry, not sorry haha!! I can’t decide what I like more, riding or running… both are equally exciting to me now! It’s still blowing my mind that I haven’t wanted to bike for years but my weight was stopping me… and now I have ridden my new bike every day since I got her. I’m truly grateful to the life I’m living right now.

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