Morning (mini) run!

Morning (mini) run!

This morning I bit the bullet and got dressed… for a run *gasp*!?! I had my heart set to do just 1 mile, something short to get back into it after a month off running, but my room electrical breaker had other plans. Not even a 1/2 mile into my run, I blew the breaker lol! It’s ok though, I didn’t finish my run but I will call this a successful one because I felt fantastic. It didn’t feel like I took a month off, feels more like I didn’t run in a day or two. Last time I took time off (even just a week or two), I felt like crap… legs were like bricks, I was sweating a ton, and I just hated every second of it… it felt like I took a year off running.

But this time I felt refreshed and great, I happily blame this on veganism! This was my first “run” after going vegan and I’m looking forward to getting back on the treadmill tomorrow… for a full run lol!

I did take my time on this (mini) run and stuck with a 60:45 run/walk ratio. I’m about a minute slower in pace on the treadmill which will be a mental game this summer as I will be on it all summer until fall (end of October-ish). But my goal is to just run and enjoy it this summer, not worry about pace. Hoping after a summer of treadmill running will help me when I hit the pavement again in the fall. Will be an interesting test! I also have a pile of virtual run medals to earn this summer, so I have lots of motivation!

After my mini run, I did some weight training for upper body… haven’t done that in three weeks or so, I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning but I didn’t do a long session at all. Just lifted while waiting for the internet to reset after I flipped the breaker switch lol!

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