Monday, let’s do this!

Monday, let’s do this!

Happy Monday! It’s a fresh new week, so let’s do this! I may not be running this morning (super sad) but I did start my morning off great with a smoothie for breakfast and spent some time sewing… what?! It’s been at least a year since I have sewn anything but lately I’ve had the urge so I decided to dust everything off yesterday and sew up some sleeve cozies for my smoothie/coffee cup!

I’m obsessed with these sleeves now, I made two more this morning too. It’s been so long since I had the motivation to create something and I’ve been getting antsy to sell handmade again, but still taking it slow. I’m the type of person who can only focus on one big thing at a time, so I tend to obsess very easy and dive all in. I’m trying to pull back the reigns a bit and ease into things. But, if I do decide to sell again I will post a link!

I am SO happy this morning… I woke up to see 229.8 lbs on the scale this morning… that means I’m now at 90.2 lbs lost and less than 10 lbs from my lowest weight where I left off!!! Ahhhh!!! The hard work is for sure paying off and I’m happy with my progress. I was reflecting this morning on the scale, how I feel, etc. I am happy exactly where I am with my body and weight, I could stay like this forever and not care. BUT, I need to keep going because less weight will be less strain on my joints with running, so it’s not about vanity.

While I get excited to see the numbers on the scale move, it’s how my clothes are fitting that make me happier. I’m still wearing an XL tee and size 18 jeans (I can wear a large and size 16 but I like clothes to fit loose, not baggy though). I’m excited to take measurements on April 1st since I feel like my clothes are loose on me now than they were when I was at 220 lbs, I’m pretty sure weight training has helped in that department since muscle takes up less space than fat!

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