Mad-Eye Moody 5k (New PR)!

Mad-Eye Moody 5k (New PR)!

My cough from Wednesday’s mini flu wasn’t too bad so I decided to do the Mad-Eye Moody 5k virtual run and just take it easy… well, I PR’d on this run! Say what?! I bumped up my run/walk interval to a 20/30 from a 15/30 and I thought for sure my legs would not be on board with this run after the weight training torture I put them through this week but they surprised me, a lot! I felt really good, had zero coughs on the run… and 3 cough drops, which I think helped. I only started coughing a little after I was done.

I had negative splits and got my last mile under the 15 min mark, it was my goal to get my mile pace under that time and I did it today! Now I have hope that I can get it under the 15 min pace more and more. Yay! This was a very happy Friday surprise indeed. Can’t wait to see the Mad-Eye Moody medal in person, ships in a few weeks! Also, this was my first Hogwarts Running Club race!!

Splits were: 15:30 → 15:10 → 14:33!!

Time: 46:41 (beat my past PR by 22 seconds)

Average Pace: 15:04

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