Kick Ass and Repeat!

Kick Ass and Repeat!

Today started out great! My eating has been spot on, water intake has flawless, and I got in a lot of activity before 11 am!

For a while now I’ve wanted to start the habit of doing 30 min of walking on the treadmill (or running) each morning. Monday I had planned to do it but I was super tired and skipped in… this morning I got up at 4:45 so I had plenty of time to wake up and drink my coffee before jumping on the treadmill at 5:30. I almost skipped it again but thought “nope, going to get it done” and I did just that. I spent 30 min on the treadmill with a nice steady walking pace of 17:22 for 1.73 miles. I always watch Netflix when I do walking on the treadmill so I started the new film by Tony Robbins called I’m not your guru… so good! I need to watch this tonight in the bedroom!

I’m planning to do 30 min of walking again tomorrow morning! I may take it easy with running this week due to my right knee. It ended up pretty swollen last night after doing a longer run interval yesterday (pretty sure that was to blame too) so I’m going to lay low with running for a few days.

After I got my day going and the kiddo dropped off at school, I made my way to the gym for weight training. Because my right knee is giving me issues, I skipped leg press and back squats today so it was a shorter 30 min weight training session this morning but I kicked ass and got it done, despite not wanting to go today. After going in, I’m glad I did!

I managed to get in a bike ride before lunch and did my longest distance so far of 10.33 miles under and hour! Woot! I’m getting more and more comfortable with my bike and I love her to pieces!! I’m really glad that I have a bike now for when I don’t feel like running, I’m still getting some movement in my day. My legs are jello today after that ride lol!

I’ve gotten in a little over 14.5 miles on the bike and 2.75 miles of walking/running (miles are going towards the 10k & S.P.E.W. HRC virtual race since we can split up our distances – only 3.45 miles left to do).

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