Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?

I had no idea that I didn’t post much this week on the blog! It’s been a long week for sure and I’m ready for the weekend to get here already. I’ll admit, I skipped the gym this week and said I was working on “self care” but in reality that meant that I was having massive “body image issues”. My face has broken out due to Aunt Flo knocking yesterday and I felt like a hippo in a wetsuit so I decided to take this week off and rest fully…. like really, rest my body, muscles, and mind. I have to say, I was feeling really guilty this morning after I skipped the gym but writing this now… I don’t feel guilty at all. I feel ready for a fresh perspective next week and I’m actually looking forward to it.

This week had zero running, barely any walks, and not as much bike rides… but that’s ok! This morning was actually a rough ride on my bike as I nearly got hit by some idiot who ran a red. Long story short, he ran the red when I was halfway across the crosswalk (I had the right away with the crosswalk light)… he decided to stop after the crosswalk but not run the red completely. He was still for a while and I had to get out of the street so I decided to ride to the other side but when I get behind him, he gunned it in reverse! I managed to get out of the way since I was already on high alert… but the worst wasn’t even that, the worst was hearing a woman in another car yell “He’s going to hit her!”… most would assume that was yelled out in fear of seeing someone get hit by a car… no, not this woman. She then burst out in laughter and started clapping her hands while throwing her head back in what looked like enjoyment. That was the worst part. I left my faith in humanity on the curb and rode home shaking, cut my 10 mile ride short (did 8 miles). I don’t understand what enjoyment people have seeing others almost get injured or worse, get injured! I’ll never understand.

Anyways, I’m fine and I’ll ride again but I think I’ll be going elsewhere to ride… even though I ride on a paved canal trail meant for bikes, runners, and such.

After the incident, I actually had a great day! My new glasses arrived so I went to pick them up, yay! My others were very old and falling apart pretty bad, the right lens was so scratched and scuffed that it felt like I was looking through dirty windows all the time.

Since it’s a long post, I’ll go to note that I am attempting the vegetarian transition once again, today is day one and it went great! I’m trying not to stress about it or think too hard this time around, I tend to put way too much pressure on myself every time I attempt to drop meat (which is only chicken/turkey now). So if I mess up, it’s ok, just need to keep going and keep making a conscious effort. Here were most of my foods from today, minus dinner… phone is dead so I didn’t snap a pic but I had a huge salad with corn on the cob. I noticed one big change today, I ate more fruit and veggies than I normally do and that’s a good thing! I’m trying to be creative with getting more protein in so I don’t have to worry about it much so like today I used 3 tbsp of hemp hearts in my morning smoothie, on top of the peanut butter and 4 oz of greek yogurt (I’m not cutting out dairy right now) – that gave my smoothie 28g of protein right there. I am picking up nuts and such tomorrow for snacks here and there.

I told myself that if I really want to switch to this lifestyle that I really need to open up more and try new things. I’m a massive picky eater and I have a massive texture issue with foods to top it off. I don’t like squishy wet foods like tomato’s, I prefer foods to have more of a crunch or “bite” to them, hard to explain. Faux meats gross me out for some reason but I am willing to try tofu (if it’s thin and “crispy”) and seitan (I heard it’s better than tempeh… which grosses me out anyways). I was going to start a new blog just to journal about my adventures in vegetarian but I may just do a weekly recap on the blog here instead, we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Oh wow, I’m glad you are OK! What a jackass, and that woman! That would have left me shaken too. Your bike looks so lovely on that bridge. Good luck with your food adventure. My sister just told me she’s going to try Vegan. She’s been Vegetarian for a while now. I don’t feel guilty anymore when I change my plans. I try to stay active every day, and if for some reason I can’t do one thing or the other, oh well. 🙂

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