I may be obsessed…

I may be obsessed…

I haven’t ran since Sunday… ya. I just haven’t been “feeling” it since Friday’s run and then on Sunday it was “eh”. I’m just in a running slump but don’t plan to stop any time soon, just taking a few days off. I was going to run tonight on the treadmill (I may still) but decided to run tomorrow instead. Between the weather warming up and just feeling “blah”, running hasn’t been on my mind lol!

You know what has been on my mind?! My bike! I’ve ridden her every day since I bought her on Friday and I love her to pieces! Her name is sitting on the tip of my tongue, still not decided, though I really love the name Metta. I’ve been inching farther and farther for my rides, yesterday I did 4.25 miles and this morning I did 5.42 miles. I wanted to go further this morning but I was getting warm with the sun in my eyes and didn’t wear a hat… if I had, I may have stayed out longer (I didn’t go out till about 10 this morning too).

Other than biking this morning I spent 45 minutes at the gym doing weights. I really didn’t feel like going today but made myself go anyways, glad I did. Not sure what it is about this week, just feeling too relaxed I guess haha! I also got to try out my new Garmin with strength training after setting up the custom activity profile… love it! Right now I’m doing a battery test and charged it fully on Sunday, so I’m curious how long it will go till I need a charge with using it so much this week already. It looks to be around 80% charged right now, not bad!

Yesterday I added some patches and pins to my pannier bag, I plan to add a bunch more as time goes on… I can see this becoming a little obsession in itself lol! I may have ordered a few as well last night… and this morning… ya. My plan is to pick up a patch or pin wherever I take my bike, like up to Sedona or Flagstaff, etc. I need to get a rack still for our cars, that is next on the list to get.

I picked up a bicycle magazine along with my Runners World May issue, not sure I will get this magazine again but I plan to use some of the pictures for a collage in our home gym room. A little bike inspiration board or something fun.

So far I have done 9.67 miles on my bike this week and… no running, I need to get on that! I made a goal to do 9 running miles and 12 biking miles this week…. maybe I will jump on the treadmill tonight for a 2 mile run lol!!


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