Hello, Weekend!

Hello, Weekend!

Thought I would pop in and say hi! Things have been going great, yesterday marked 50 days vegan! Woot! The weight has been coming off naturally now, I no longer have to give my eating a full focus since I pretty clean and I would say 90% is whole foods. I’ve lost close to 8 lbs since going vegan, which doesn’t sound like a lot but after losing 90+ lbs already, things slowed down so as long as it is going down I don’t care how slow it goes lol!

Dinner last night was Nekter Juice Bar, I grabbed a smoothie bowl and it was simply amazing!!

I’m still not running, but I did get an exercise bike from my grandpa, he wasn’t using it and it was practically brand new! I haven’t been on it as much as I planned but I need to set some goals to get on this bike and at least get 30 minutes in each day, at least through the weekday.

I have to say though, I’m really not stressing out about getting exercise in and such, summer is hard enough with the kiddo home so I will get in what I can and just focus on healthy eating. I’m looking forward to going back to the gym in August though, I do miss it lol! Lifting at home is not working, I had a feeling it wouldn’t too. I just can’t get motivated to do weights at home vs. at the gym. When I’m at the gym, I’m there to work out and that is all… no distractions, no excuses, just get in the work and leave. At home, it’s too easy to fall into the “I’ll do it later”…. “coffee first”… “I don’t feel like getting dressed for working out”…etc. So instead of force it, I’m just going to enjoy the summer!

My birthday was on Wednesday, I turned 34! I still don’t feel like I’m in my 30’s, never got the whole “adulting” thing down haha!! Bob bought me flowers and I used some birthday money on some new tarot decks and books.

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