Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday!! Woot! Despite being cranky from having to skip my run this morning, I’ve been in a great mood lol! My right hip has been sore since my run on Wednesday so I decided to play it safe and rest one more day to see if I can get back to it feeling 100%, I would say I feel about 90% right now so that’s good! More icing and stretching is in order tonight!

I will admit, I have been lazy today and my steps are in the toilet BUT my eating has been on point and my water has been awesome, so I don’t care. I’m always going full force, so I’m embracing a lazy day lol! I did have an awesome mail day though, got new tee’s and two are tank tops… gulp! I’ve been so hot on my runs and so tired of wearing a tee shirt that I decided enough is enough, I’m wearing a tank top and I don’t care anymore. My arms are looking really good, despite a massive farmers tan right now (hoping to even that out over the next few weeks lol).

Today I did some goal work in my planner and prepped some pages for the weeks to come… I usually washi up the pages in a theme, so I spent time doing that for fun haha! I’m seeing the scale move again, though Aunt Flo came knocking this week so naturally the scale has been going down all week and then this morning it jumped up 6oz, so I skipped weigh in LOL! Will see how it is tomorrow or Sunday instead. I’m thrilled though since the inches are dropping and I’m physically feeling changes on my body… like, actually running my hands over my legs or arms. For the first time, I actually feel athletic and strong… and I love it more than the numbers on the scale. You just can’t replace “feeling” with “numbers”.

Yesterday was my last gym day until after spring break, ugh. Bitter sweet, I will miss this place for a week (a whopping two days, but still haha). I could go to the gym in the evening but I really don’t want to fight the after work crowd there so I’m going to be using my home gym next week and I’m very excited! It will be a nice test for the summer months and I will be able to see what I need to get still. I’ll have to get creative with some workouts since I don’t have the machines at home or barbells but I will make it work! I have dumbbells, a 20# kettlebell, and weight bench… plus my elliptical, treadmill, and yoga mat. I know lots of squats will be on the schedule next week haha!

I kicked butt though with weights yesterday and really put in a lot of focus. Proud of my hard work and excited for future results!

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