Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!

Happy New Years everyone!! I hope everyone had a great night! Last night I resisted donuts, cookies, and chips. Woke up to victory once again, the Blerch lost once again (you will be hearing the Blerch often this year, lol). I didn’t stay up till midnight but I did watch the ball drop in New York.

This morning I did my 1st of the month (and new year) weigh in and I’m pretty happy! Yesterday I had that bloat I mentioned from starting and such, I was 8 oz up (ok, it’s 1/2 lb but 8 oz sounds so much smaller lol). This morning I lost it and I’m back to my Friday weight of 239.2. I’ll take it! I’m starting the new month and year under 240 and that feels pretty good! Last year I started 2015 at 258. Awesome!! I will do my measurements soon, I need to get a new tape measure as my favorite one died a fateful death by dog teeth, this is a death that happens quite often around our house!

On to the fun stuff, progress pictures!! I haven’t taken them in ages and I’m excited to do them again. Since falling off track during the summer, I was in fear I wouldn’t see a difference anymore in the pictures (funny how your brain tricks you like that, of course I would see a difference) so I didn’t take any pics for a while.

To kick off the new year, I logged 3 miles in the books with the El’s Run 5k (virtual) race! I ended up getting rained out after almost finishing mile 1, so I had to finish it up on the treadmill, but I got it done and I feel awesome starting 2017 with a bang! I tried to stick to a 30/30 interval outside but walked a bit towards the end of the mile. On the treadmill I started with a 30/30 for the first mile or so, then moved to a 30/60 interval before walking for a bit until the last leg, then jumped back to a 30/60. I was a hot sweaty mess this morning, it was 84% humidity and I felt inside the house while running, but I saw all that sweat as fat dripping away so I didn’t mind! lol!

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