Gnarly Mail + Riding

Gnarly Mail + Riding

Today was a no run day due to my knee still being wonky and swollen, but I did manage to get in a bike ride! I was planning to head to Tempe Town Lake to ride but after hearing that my husband located a Donut Peach tree at Lowe’s near us, I changed my plans to go pick that up (along with a dwarf pomegranate and dwarf lemon). I couldn’t wait to get this tree home, a Donut Peach has been very high on our wishlist.

I got in my bike ride after lunch and it was about 90º out, luckily it doesn’t feel that warm when riding… I mean, I get warm, but nothing like running or walking in that temp. We are supposed to reach 100º on Sunday and Monday, ack! I’m so not ready for the hotter temps yet… it’s only April?! I will be swimming on Sunday though for sure. Anyways, I planned to do just a short ride for 30 minutes and wanted to get in at least 5 miles, I did just that!

This week has been fun with the mail! I got a few new things in the mail today – the book You are a Bad Ass, a cycle cap for my helmet, a phone holder for my bike, and a few other things!

Love the cycle hat, I figure if I’m going to wear a helmet I had better at least make it fun, so I bought a zombie cap. I also needed a visor for my helmet so this was a perfect! I started the book this afternoon but haven’t gotten very far at all… though so far I love it! Love the authors writing style, feels like we are sitting at Sbux having coffee and she is telling me to wake the F up with a slap to the face lol!! I will have to review this book when I finish it! Speaking of reviews, I will be doing a review of CLICK drink soon (it’s a protein powder mix). I will try to have that posted by Friday!

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