Friday’s are for PR’s!

Friday’s are for PR’s!

Holy PR’s Batman! I planned on doing a very easy 3.1 miles for the Burn the Bake Off 5k (virtual run) since I woke up with a sore throat, but felt fine otherwise. I’m far too competitive with myself, when I see a pace starting off and holding well for the first two miles, I go for it. I did just that, I went for it and ended up beyond happy!

Not only did I PR my 5k, again, but I PR’d my mile!! I just recently hit a PR for my 5k on the 3rd this month with a 46:41… this morning I beat it by 1:19 minutes!! I finished at 45:22 with a fastest mile PR of 14:05 (was 14:12)! This made my day!

Another awesome thing was the goals I reached – I have wanted to do a 45:00 min 5k and I think this is pretty damn close, I was 22 seconds away but still in the 45 min range! Woot! Also, my goal has been to get my pace to a 15 min mile… this morning I was under the 15 min mile pace twice!

• 15:02
• 14:48
• 14:07

Fortune found at mile 2 on my run this morning!

I finished my run with a super good smoothie that I threw together quick – coconut water, frozen blueberries, banana, green apple, and ice. SO good!

Lunch was a big salad with leftover green onion & garlic chicken sausage. I am heading to watch my Aunt’s take their vows this afternoon, they are making it official with a home wedding ceremony and I’m thrilled!! I have done two live races with both of them. A little bird said to me that there will be cupcakes and you better bet I’m having one today!

I have two races coming up next month and I’m confident that I will beat my last years time on one of them. I did the Cookies & Milk 5k last year at 48:00 on the dot, my goal is to beat this time and if all goes well I’m pretty sure I can beat this time! I will try my hardest too, just hoping the course goes well… I remember last year it had some hills, nothing crazy but the finish line was down hill (always awesome) so I’m looking forward to it!

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