Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus

This morning I had planned to restart week 3 – day 1 of the FFTFl 1st Mile training… and it ended with just .61 miles under my belt. I was not feeling it at all. Just like the other day I tried to a 90/60 run/walk, I just didn’t enjoy my run whatsoever. With that, I decided to fully pull out of the group and do my own thing like normal. Last week I said I pulled out of the group but then rejoined after someone re-added me to it, I took it as a sign to try again.

I run because I enjoy running and it gets me out of my head for a while. When running turns into a chore, it loses its spark for me… I would rather run my own way than to have it burn me out right now, I can see that happening with each run to so I’m hoping if I pull out of this group training now it won’t push me too far off my running mojo.

After I got back home from that super short run, I decided to change clothes and take my bike out instead. I got in 4.26 miles in about 25 minutes before I left for my eye appointment this morning. That ride felt amazing! It was just what I needed after a rough morning. I wanted to ride for an hour but gave myself a 30 min window so I had time to change and clean up before I went to get my eyes checked. I’m hoping to get back out tonight on my bike or attempt a run on the treadmill this evening.

I finally got new glasses after over 7 years! I was way overdue for new ones, big time! They will be ready in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see clearly again… without massive scratches on my right lens too, my current pair are in the worst shape ever. The anti-glare treatment on my current pair are so heavily scratched and scuffed that it looks like I’m looking through a dirty window 24/7. The wait is going to kill me though, I want the new pair now but since my prescription is a heavy one it’s considered “speciality” so they take longer to get done.

I decided to go with a slightly new look, I’ve been wearing black thick plastic style since Junior High, I love the style of them but it was time for a slight change! I ended up finding these dark brown fade style that I loved. They go with my hair color really well to, just hoping when the right lenses are in I won’t regret them LOL The downside to picking out glasses when you can’t see 3 inches in front of your face… I brought my mom with me to help pick them though.

Accountability: I have been off track with my eating for over a week and a half, no lie. It has been ugly lol! I’m not upset at myself, as life happens. My running lately has been rough and I’m pretty sure my eating habits lately have been the main cause of this. I was on track with my eating this morning until I stopped at Panda Express for lunch… I just have a hard time saying no lately, which is not like me at all.

My focus this week is water intake and making healthy choices! I need to pre-plan out my day so I can stick with what I have my focus on. Just because I had a bad lunch, doesn’t mean today is trashed, I will keep going and keep my focus. I have two more water refills to go till I reach my water goal for the day, if I can finish those I will call today a success within itself!

It’s ok to fall off track, it happens to me and everyone else. The key is to recognize that we haven’t been 100% lately and to find what is hindering us so we can correct it. Also, being honest with yourself is a huge part of it! If your going to lie to yourself, you will get no where fast.

So, my goals right now:

– 100 oz of water daily
– Healthy choices
– Moderation!
– Move more, eat less

3 thoughts on “Focus, Focus, Focus

  1. I love your bike! I used to love riding a bike, but it’s been years. Yeah, the last two days were not pretty for me either, but today I got right back at it. It happens.

    1. So proud of you! I’m doing much better as the day goes on today! Ended up going on the treadmill for some steps and some extra running… though everything hurt and I only got in a 1/2 mile LOL! I think my body is just exhausted from Saturdays race, I really pushed hard. Loving the bike so much! Still getting used to riding again, it’s been over 23 years lol!

      1. Rest is important too! I rode an electric bike a few years ago, just for fun, and testing it. I yelled weeeeeeeeee, it went so fast, and it really was fun. I’ve got the evening munchies, but I’m staying strong. Enjoy your bike! 🙂

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