Finding Balance

Finding Balance

This morning was my last run with the FFTFL 1st Mile group, I love the structure and group but I was losing my running mojo with the training each week. I was very much missing my regular runs, where I do intervals that speak to me. So I decided to pull out of the group but I may be back down the road. This mornings run started out pretty rough, more mental than anything. After I did the repeats of a 90/60 run/walk intervals I switched to a slower interval (30/45) since the heat was really getting to me. My pace was slower than my usually lately but I didn’t care. I wanted to quit early on but after switching my pace I stuck with it and ended up finishing a 5k distance this morning. I put my miles towards my next Stridebadge patch (Nasty Woman)!

UPDATE: I have decided to stick with the 1st mile group and see how day 2 goes this week. Planning to run on Thursday. Maybe I’m just having an off week, we shall see!

The temps suck for sure when running, any other part of the day they are fine. It was 75º out when I went for my run, no wind and all Az sun. Forgot to wear sunscreen this morning and I haven’t looked in the mirror yet… I know it will be bad lol! My Garmin wrist is glowing, it’s pretty funny looking when I don’t have my Garmin on lol!!

I’ll admit, I’ve been hooked with riding my bike so that has been sucking up my morning run time, but I refuse to slip on my running. I know once my running slips, my eating is to follow. It happened just like that last year and I refuse to repeat it! I will be on the treadmill after April is over, trying to stick it out for the rest of the month… if I could get out earlier it would help a ton but I can’t go on a run till after I drop the kiddo off at school so I normally don’t get out there till around 8:30. I hate running at night too, so that is out of the question, I’m much more of a morning runner!

This afternoon I did 4.28 miles on my bike, I couldn’t resist… she was just sitting there in my entry way, staring at me! I only planned on a mile… but ya, right! I have officially named her Metta. The word “metta” means loving-kindness. Also, have I said that I love my new Garmin today?! I adore it!!

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