FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile

FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile

Last week I decided to sign up for the FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile training and group! I have ran a mile straight without walking once and blogged about it… of course I did lol! But, I haven’t attempted to run a straight mile since that day and it’s been on my goal list for this year so I figured this would be a perfect training group and I get to do it with other awesome FFTFL tribe family!

I want to blog about this experience, it’s roughly an 8-12 week training plan and we are going slow and at our own pace. It kicks off today but I can’t start until next Monday since I’m taking time off running to heal this IT band this week, some others are starting next Monday as well. I’m so anxious to start now but need to focus on recovery, as much as I think I can run now and am starting to feel better… I am stubborn though and know I need the extra rest.

Since I tend to run 3-5 miles on my run days, I’m going to do the “Run Your 1st Mile” training for the first 30 minutes of my runs and then finish off my run with my normal 30/30 run/walk. I will be breaking the runs up on my Garmin so I can see my progress with this training more clearer. I will start posting next Monday when I do my first run! We are starting with a 30/90 (sec) run/walk and we aren’t focusing on pace at all, just endurance so I am curious how I will feel with a longer walk break (I normally take 30 sec). This will be an interesting process and I’m super excited!

My mantra for this experience: #YesICan and also #ShutUpLegs (my usual mantra when running haha)

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