FFTFL Holiday Hustle Run

FFTFL Holiday Hustle Run

Started off my Saturday morning by doing the FFTFL Holiday Hustle virtual run and did a 5k! I am planning to do a 3 mile run every Saturday except next weekend since it’s the weekend of my firstSmashrun half marathon!!! Ahhh! It’s coming quick, holy crap! Anyways, this morning I did a 5k and for sure felt the pizza we had for dinner, I was dragging but I felt pretty good. I got out before sunrise so I could watch it on my run, it was awesome. I need to do sunrise runs more often, plus if I do one more I earn my “Early Bird” badge on , it’s been ages since I got a new badge on that website.

Time: 50:51
Pace: 16:42

I have some super awesome news to share, just waiting for the second email before I can share. Hint, it has something to do with virtual runs… and discounts! Stay tuned!!

This morning after my run, we all headed over to the local farmers market with Maggie. I want to get her out in pubic more to help calm her down a tad lol!! She just assumes every person that she sees is supposed to pet and and worship her, so she goes to everyone and flops by their feet.

After, we dropped her back off at home and headed to the annual rock & mineral show, I’ve been literally waiting all year for this event again, I’m a huge mineral nerd. I picked up a big chunk of Halite, I just adored this mineral so it had to come home with me.

I reached my 10k step goal before lunch today too! Yay!

Flagstaff Gem & Mineral Show 2017 – Husband and arm of my daughter lol
Flagstaff Gem & Mineral Show 2017

2 thoughts on “FFTFL Holiday Hustle Run

  1. Great job getting out there so early. I miss my morning runs, such a great way to start the day even if it was not such a great run.

    1. Love early morning as well, I can only do these early ones on the weekend, blah. The weekday I’m out there around 8:30 or so, which isn’t bad but I would rater be out there earlier lol!

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