#FacetoFace Friday

#FacetoFace Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Woot! Normally I do a themed virtual run in memory of my MIL (who passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 2015) but my IT band is still giving me some trouble. I managed to get .62 miles in on the treadmill before my daughter needed something, but right before I stopped I felt that pain start up so I’m glad I stopped when I did. This may actually cause me to pull out of the 5k race on Sunday if I can’t even walk it, not too happy about it but it is what it is.

I was having a good hair day so I decided to participate in the #FacetoFace Friday fun! I remember when I took the picture on the left, I was embracing the idea that I would never lose weight and that I would be “at this size” forever. One positive thing about that picture though was that I was starting to learn to love myself at that size and was embracing body positivity, I don’t dislike that picture one bit. It reminds me of the bravery I was facing when I started to realize that I can accept myself no matter what, despite not being happy with my weight. Jump to today, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I have enough energy to fuel a train and feel unstoppable… well, I’m sidelined right now with running, but you know what I mean haha!!

Today I ran over to the store and picked up some healthy treats, I always get so excited to look down at my cart and see only healthy stuff! It’s a gorgeous view for sure! I wanted to try and find some quick, yet clean, oatmeal. I tried some for the first time the other day and wanted to find a good kind (yes, I’m a massive picky eater but I’m making baby steps lol). I ended up finding this brand called Love Grown and it looks good! Ingredients: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, apples.

I also found some good snack bars called That’s It and they are extremely clean and healthy! Ingredients: apples and strawberries… that’s it! The other is apples and mangoes. For 100 calories and 3-5g of fiber, not bad! I’m trying to add in more fiber and also trying to clean up my eating even more, I’m striving to do an 80% plant based and 20% everything else like chicken, creamer, sour cream, etc.

I did get my donut treat finally after weeks of wanting a donut! I ran by Dunkin’ and picked one up and coffee (another treat). I’m good to go now for a few weeks now that I got that out of my system lol!

Action 006 – Treat yourself. I’ve been wanting a donut for weeks, I got my donut! Moderation is key!

Action 007 – Try new things. Picked up new bars and oatmeal to try that have no added crap!

Action 008 – Mind over matter. Knowing to take a breather before reaching for that craving. The craving will always pass. I like to take a 2-3 minute time out, chances are that if it’s just a random craving out of boredom, it will pass and I won’t want it anymore.

Action 009 –Don’t be so serious. Life is much more enjoyable when you have fun and laugh more!

Action 010 – Early dinner. Eating dinner early tends to work really well for me and weight loss. I try not to binge after dinner and just work on my water, I guess you could call it “intermittent fasting”. When I cut out after dinner snacking the pounds literally fall off me and I wake up feeling good (rather than bloated).

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