Drink CLICK Review

Drink CLICK Review

A couple weeks ago I wanted to try out this protein powder mix called CLICK! They sent me a free container of the CLICK Active to try out in the flavor of my choosing… I went with mocha since I kept hearing it was the favorite. I’ve been trying this out here and there depending on how much activity I did that day. Like after I had a killer weight training session or after a hard run.

First off, what it is! CLICK is a protein powder base drink mix, like other protein powders except there is an extra ingredient…. espresso! So it’s a coffee + protein mix! Now can you see why it appealed to me?! lol! Each serving has the equivalent of a double shot of espresso.

The carb to protein ratio is pretty good – 7g carb : 25g protein

I have tried this drink in two ways and still want to try it other ways… so far I had it in a shaker bottle mixed with water, wasn’t my favorite, I won’t lie. Then I tried it in my morning PB & J smoothie, I loved this a lot more! It does have a bit of that protein powder chalky taste, but it didn’t bother me in a smoothie at all. I want to try it in a smoothie by itself with almond or regular milk, I may actually do that this morning after my bike ride!

If you like coffee and are looking for protein, I recommend this! You can check out CLICK here. If you want to try it but don’t want to buy a whole container, I saw they have samples to purchase in the “special offers” section of the shop!

** Please Note: I was not paid to review this, I was given a free product to try (per my request) and was asked if I would do an honest review of it

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