Cookies & Milk 5k – New PR!

Cookies & Milk 5k – New PR!

What an awesome morning! The weather was gorgeous, we had some light sprinkling of rain after we started the second/last lap of the race. It was just beautiful out, couldn’t have asked for better weather, I don’t think it hit 70º while we were there either.

I’m happy to report that not only did I have fun at this event, I PR’d!! I also stuck with a 15/30 run walk, I did add in a couple longer walk breaks but for 90% of the race I stuck with these intervals. They were hard on the hills but overall were perfect! I think I should have done a 15/45 though since I saw after the race that I was at my HR peak for 31 minutes of the race. I felt great though so I wasn’t too concerned, just means I will be extra sore tomorrow so I’m planning on an Epsom soak tonight and a rest day tomorrow.

Some stats from today:

Time: 48:00 (last PR was 51:10)
Average Pace: 15:19 min/mi (3.9 mph)
Fastest Pace: 9:47 min/mi (6.1 mph)

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