Cookies & Milk 5k (2017)

Cookies & Milk 5k (2017)

Another race in the books! I was going to pull out of this race yesterday but I decided to at least try and see how it goes. I figure worst case scenario, I wouldn’t be able to do continue and I could at least say I tried. I crossed the finish line in very minimal pain! Woot! I even manage to run more than a quarter of the race in total, I walked when I felt needed and ran when I felt good (usually ran when there was a downhill spot). Funny enough, I ended at 48:01 and last year I did this race and course at exactly 48:00! How funny is that?!

I went back to last years notes from the blog and saw that I was doing a 15/30 but mentioned that I did add in some extra walks and I remember that for sure. I just found it neat how I did nearly the same time while injured, this gave me full confidence that I could have hit a PR today and probably gotten a sub 45:00 if I weren’t injured. That alone made me happy!

I’ll be back at this race next year if they have it again, will be my 3rd year and I will be determined to PR this course!

What made this race extra fun was meeting up with some FFTFL tribe! Happy to call these awesome people friends for sure, nothing like getting a high five by another runner while passing one another and crossing the finish line. I adore everyone I have met or chatted with in the FFTFL group. This group has really ignited my love of running to a whole new level, I talk often about the FFTFL group and I always recommend this group to everyone! Check out From Fat to Finish Line FB group here and watch the documentary on Netflix for free, it’s inspiring!

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  1. You would have killed your time if you hadn’t been injured!!! I know I’ve said this like a million freaking times but girl, YOU INSPIRE ME!!! ❤

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