Chocolate Bunny 5k Race Recap

Chocolate Bunny 5k Race Recap

It has been a busy weekend, I was hoping to post on the blog yesterday but we were out nearly all day running errands, buying plants, and enjoying the day. I did the Chocolate Bunny 5k on Saturday morning, was the first race I’ve done through Road Runner Sports in Tempe! We got there around 6:30 so I could check in and grab my bib, it was pretty dead until around 7 am. Race was supposed to start at 8 am sharp but we didn’t actually start the race until almost 8:30, normally I don’t mind a late start but I could feel the sun burning the back of my legs and back (I was in a tank top)… I was right too, when I got home I had some new sun burn action.

The course was fairly new to me, though I have ran in that location before. I really liked the in & out course along Tempe Town Lake! It was only around 70º, but with the sun it felt like 90º, it was warm… not going to lie lol!

I ended up reaching a new official PR 5k time – 45:27!! So happy, my late PR at a race was 48:00 on the dot, so I was thrilled to finally get a new chip time PR. If it weren’t for this steep hill I had to climb back up, I think I would have done a sub 45:00 easily. This little climb after mile 2 really slowed me down and I had to catch my breath for an extra 30 seconds walk on my run/walk ratio, which I did a 1:1 the whole race. I’m thrilled with my time though! I had an average pace of 14:40 min/mi and that has been my fastest pace in a live race setting! I even saw I hit a 9:39 min/mi pace at some point today! What?! That is crazy!

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, we did a lot of plant and home decor shopping. We picked up a few new plants, can’t remember which I already mentioned and what is new at this point, I do know we got a Cherry Plum for the front yard. We did get some indoor plants for the living room though, we needed indoor plants badly. Along with some plants, we picked up a nice water fountain feature for the backyard! It’s been so nice to hear, I have been cracking the patio door so I can hear it in the living room.

We spent Easter at my parents house for lunch. Our mission was to bring a fruit salad… so we made it festive with pineapple, dragon fruit, starfruit, mango, and grapes.

Confession: I have not been eating 100%… not even 50% healthy. I have been so far off track that I don’t even remember the last healthy thing I ate in the past week. Tomorrow I will be focusing on getting back on track, I have a plan to stay active this week as well. Since it’s getting too warm outside to run for me, I’ll be moving indoors on the treadmill… I really hoped the heat wouldn’t bother me this year and I was super determined to run outside at least until the end of May… I just can’t tolerate any warmth on my run. It has been killing my runs and slowing me down pretty bad, not to mention my HR is through the roof on the past few runs due to me overheating.

So, the plan is to jump on the treadmill before I take a shower in the morning. Since I get up at 5 am usually (sometimes 4:30), I will aim to at least go on the treadmill for 30 min at 5:30. I tend to focus on doing a minimum of a 5k on each run though, so I may get on the treadmill at 5:15 sometimes. The goal though is for me to be able to fit more activity into my mornings like bike riding! If I get a run done in the morning, that will free up morning time to ride my bike earlier in the day after I drop off the kiddo at school! We will see how tomorrow goes, I like to run in the morning but not super early so it will be interesting!

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