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Pure Joy and Happiness

Pure Joy and Happiness

First off, I feel so bad that I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I normally do lol! I haven’t been running this week or biking, my knee’s have been iffy so I’m trying to take it easy on them. I saw my last post was on the 3rd and some things have changed since that post! As of May 4th, I have gone full vegan with my eating (today marks 3 days) and I feel better than I ever have. I’ve been lactose-intolerant for over 20 years but never got off dairy, since getting off dairy fully now I have had zero issues with my stomach, bloating, or daily cramping!! Why I didn’t do this sooner, who knows. I have always been a massive cheese and sour cream lover, so I never thought in a million billion years I could get off it.

Since I lost my password and sign on for the small side blog I was doing on my vegetarian (now vegan) adventures, I did set up a new one through Blogspot. If you are interested, you can check it out here – Jess Uprooted.

This week I may not have ran (except Monday) but I did get both my weight training sessions in on Tuesday and Thursday! Kicked some major butt! I mentioned that I joined in on a DietBet that a friend is hosting and when I signed up I thought for sure this would be really hard to lose 4% in 30 days… I am now feeling very confident in this challenge! I am down 3.6 lbs since May 1st and 2.5 lbs of that was lost after I switched to vegan on the 4th! It’s literally melting off me! Not only am I eating cruelty free, but I’m helping the environment (which is very dear to me), losing weight, and eating a ton more. What a great combo lol! I have never eaten so many calories in my life while still losing weight. I used to average about 1,300-1,500 a day… right now I average about 1,700-1,900 calories a day. I’m eating a lot more so I meet my daily nutrient goals, I have been eating very clean and a lot of raw foods.

Goodbye April!

Goodbye April!

Happy Sunday! Spent some time in the backyard with Bob working on the garden, we finally planted the Goji berry in the ground in the perfect spot (up on our mini hill). I’m now relaxing and thinking about the new week ahead! Not sure if I mentioned or not, but I joined in on my friends DietBet that is starting on Monday and I think this motivation is just what I needed. I’m excited for May, I have a weight goal to work for with this bet. My 4% goal is to lose 9.3 lbs, eep! I haven’t lost 9-10 lbs in one month in ages so this will be interesting lol!

I’m on day 4 of vegetarian and going strong, I feel fantastic and loving this change! Last time I tried go vegetarian I quit after like day 2, and I noticed on day 2 recently I had the urge to throw in the towel but I didn’t… I caught myself in the same mindset “maybe I should just switch to vegan right now” and that led to panic on what I’ll eat right now, and worry about what to eat the next day… so I stopped myself right there before I got overwhelmed. I’m keeping my focus on vegetarian (lacto – so no meat but I am keeping dairy right now). I don’t like eggs, so that is an easy thing to cut out but I’m not focusing on cutting things out that have eggs in them right now, I will cut that out down the road. Keeping my mindset on just cutting out meat is getting rid of the overwhelming feeling that I got. I’ve learned that baby steps are key for me and have proved so when I cut out soda several years ago, then red meat, the pork, etc. So little by little it sticks better, some can switch overnight and I applaud them big time, I wish I could do that!

I think I’m going to stop talking vegetarian on each post though and either post a weekly review on the blog or move my vegetarian adventures on to a smaller blog and just link it here once in a while. Not sure yet!

Back to the DietBet! I did my initial weigh in and pictures yesterday, not the most flattering either since I didn’t do my hair yet or anything lol! My plan of attack for May… or my goals, I should say are:

✖︎ Get back to running – aiming for 3 days a week with just 30-45 min
✖︎ Walk 30 min per day (unless it’s a run day)
✖︎ Weight Training – stick to my two days a week 
✖︎ Biking – 3-5 days per week with 10-15 mile rides
✖︎ Focus on food – sticking with vegetarian

I’m excited to see what switching to vegetarian does for the month of May, I’m trying not to snack on junk and make sure it’s nutrient dense. I don’t want to just live off potatoes and pasta, so I’m currently trying new-to-me foods… yesterday I tried sweet peppers and sugar snap peas (raw) and loved them! Texture if my biggest issue with being a picky eater so I’m determined to beat this picky eating, it’s exhausting to be a picky eater. I want more variety and more plant based protein options, so beans are next on my list to try (I’ve never had beans before, not even refried).

Ready for a new week and new month! Let’s do this!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

This morning I was really hoping to run but my right knee is still on the fritz so tonight and this weekend I plan to ice, ice, and more ice! This makes me glad I have my bike to ride now, I’m still getting in activity and I had no idea you could burn some great calories while riding! Who knew?! Holy leg workout too!

I managed to install the new bike rack on my car this morning and did a couple test drives around (sans bike) to check and see how secure it was in general… it’s solid as a rock! Will add the bike to it this weekend and drive around in the neighborhood to test that next… this part makes me nervous lol!

After I did the whole morning school drop off shenanigans I got in a 13 mile bike ride before lunch. I talked myself out of Taco Bell and made a healthy plate instead, go me! Now I’m fully glad I stuck to my guns, it’s been a rough couple of weeks with eating but I managed to lose 2 lbs this week. I’m at 45 miles this week on my bike! Woot!

I’m beat this week! Tomorrow I plan to rest and ice my knee, also work on a little bike maintenance and plant tree’s in the backyard with Bob. I have no idea how many tree’s need to go in the ground or be repotted, I’ve lost count haha!! He already started cutting out the Texas Sage in the front yard, now it just needs the roots dug out before we can plant our Cherry Plum… I can’t wait to see that tree every time I pull up to the house! It’s my favorite type of tree ever and it makes me so happy anytime I see them around town.

Yesterday was gym day for my weight training… I really didn’t feel like going but I know I have goals to reach so I went anyways! Naturally, I’m glad I went when I was done and I kicked some serious ass lifting lol! After the gym, I took Metta out for a ride and it was my longest distance yet! Creeping up on the distance, I did 12.19 miles and I was aiming for 10 so I decided to keep going since I felt really good.

There are so many ways that biking has changed my life for me in just the past weeks. I got my bike on the 7th and have since ridden her almost 55 miles (10 days). While I know many other riders do like 20+ miles in a day, I’m happy with my mileage! I would love to get longer distances though, just need to take her out to some new trails.

Kick Ass and Repeat!

Kick Ass and Repeat!

Today started out great! My eating has been spot on, water intake has flawless, and I got in a lot of activity before 11 am!

For a while now I’ve wanted to start the habit of doing 30 min of walking on the treadmill (or running) each morning. Monday I had planned to do it but I was super tired and skipped in… this morning I got up at 4:45 so I had plenty of time to wake up and drink my coffee before jumping on the treadmill at 5:30. I almost skipped it again but thought “nope, going to get it done” and I did just that. I spent 30 min on the treadmill with a nice steady walking pace of 17:22 for 1.73 miles. I always watch Netflix when I do walking on the treadmill so I started the new film by Tony Robbins called I’m not your guru… so good! I need to watch this tonight in the bedroom!

I’m planning to do 30 min of walking again tomorrow morning! I may take it easy with running this week due to my right knee. It ended up pretty swollen last night after doing a longer run interval yesterday (pretty sure that was to blame too) so I’m going to lay low with running for a few days.

After I got my day going and the kiddo dropped off at school, I made my way to the gym for weight training. Because my right knee is giving me issues, I skipped leg press and back squats today so it was a shorter 30 min weight training session this morning but I kicked ass and got it done, despite not wanting to go today. After going in, I’m glad I did!

I managed to get in a bike ride before lunch and did my longest distance so far of 10.33 miles under and hour! Woot! I’m getting more and more comfortable with my bike and I love her to pieces!! I’m really glad that I have a bike now for when I don’t feel like running, I’m still getting some movement in my day. My legs are jello today after that ride lol!

I’ve gotten in a little over 14.5 miles on the bike and 2.75 miles of walking/running (miles are going towards the 10k & S.P.E.W. HRC virtual race since we can split up our distances – only 3.45 miles left to do).

All Day Every Day

All Day Every Day

The kiddo is back to school today, so that means I didn’t have to miss the gym this morning! Kicked butt with a 50 minute weight training session, going to feel this tomorrow I’m sure… I think I say that every time I hit the weights lol! Started Tuesday off on track and focused!

Had my breakfast smoothie before the gym, then when I got home I had a post-workout shake and tried out Click Active. I’ll be trying this coffee + protein powder out this week for my recovery with weights and running, so will review it on Friday! This morning I tried it in the blender bottle and it was pretty good, but tomorrow I’ll add it in my post-run smoothie to see if I like that better! I will say, when I opened the canister up yesterday… it smelled divine!! Felt like I walked into a coffee shop… a smell that I could sniff all day, every day lol!

This morning I weighed in at 227.2 lbs!! What?! I’m only 7.2 lbs from being back to where I left off at 220 lbs and reaching my first goal! I have to say, I’m pretty damn excited and proud. I’m also on day 9 of no binges, woot! Aiming for that 2 week mark!

Dumbbells for Breakfast

Dumbbells for Breakfast

It feels so good to be back at the gym! I finished up my weight training for the week this morning and kicked major butt! I’m still sore from Tuesday since I upped my weights on leg press and lat pulldowns but I feel great. Today I upped the weight on my dbell lateral raises from 5# to 7.5# and I also upped the weight on my overhead dbell tricep extensions from 10# to 12.5#! I remember when I started lifting with the 5# for lateral raises, it was hard and thought I would never go up on weights but now I am!

When I started at the gym I used to hate looking at my thighs squish out when I would sit on the leg curl and extension machines… now when I look down, I see strong legs and I love it! I feel fierce when I get on that machine despite that I’m only lifting 50# on the machines right now, I will up the weight to 60# in the next week or two.

INJURY UPDATE: My hip is feeling fantastic! I still haven’t done any running, will run on Saturday at the Color Run. So only a few more days of rest and strength exercises to do. Next week I will be doing my hip/glute exercises on my run days before I head out, not every day, so like 3-4 times per week to help stay prevent future injuries. I’m so grateful that this injury is almost behind me, this month was not the best mileage at all, I’m almost to 26 miles so far. Last month I was around 50 miles, I hope to get back to 50-60 miles in April though!

Arm Progress

Arm Progress

Operation: “She Hulk” is going well haha!! I decided to take a progress picture on my arms for #TransformationTuesday and I’m thrilled with the comparison! The left was at the beginning of February and the right is this morning after I got home from the gym. My arms were over 16.8″ around and are now at around 13.6″, so roughly 3 inches lost overall since I started my journey.

One thing I love about the picture is the under side of the arm, the left was kind of bumpy (that right word?) and the right is now smooth and filled with more muscle. So I really like how things are smoothing out, never thought that would be possible!

This morning I was back at the gym after being home last week with spring break and man did I miss it! It was great getting back into my routine and I kicked major butt. I am getting rid of the hip adductor machine since I’m now thinking that was the cause of my hip injury a couple weeks ago, it makes perfect sense! I remember running on a Wednesday and felt some discomfort and the next day I did the hip adductors (inner and outer) with 60# on the machine, then had to skip my run on Friday since I was really sore and felt it bad on Saturday’s run. So I’m 90% sure that was the cause of it all, I feel really good today. The pain is for sure going down, it feels more like an overworked hip now and not massive pain on my IT band.

Anyways, enough about my injury report haha!! I spent almost an hour with weights this morning, got a compliment on my shirt from a guy on the cable machine next to me (I was wearing my “nevertheless she persisted” tee), and increased my leg press from 100# to 110#! Was a good morning well spent but I’m anxious to get back to running, it’s killing me! Saturday is my next race, the Color Run, so I plan on doing my run/walk intervals at the race and see how things go but still not running until then.

(I’m still doing the #ProjectOneFive daily but now just sharing it on Twitter instead of the blog)

Project One Five

Project One Five

Today’s food choices have been a much better today than yesterday, back at it! Started my morning with a smoothie and got my weight training done! My goal for today was to eat clean and healthy, ignore the crap. Food is fuel!

When I have a bad day, I usually stop right there and evaluate it. See what went wrong, what I need to do to not have a bad day again, and move on. I have been doing great with no binges after dinner… yesterday I had a major binge after dinner. Looking at my previous week, I was losing on the scale consistently when I cut out all binging after dinner, that is key for me big time I have found. So today I’m focused on not binging, it is back to day one with this and that’s ok! I now look to see how long I can go without a binge, not try to see it as falling off track and failing. It’s more like “how long can you balance a ball on your head”.

One of the original FFTFL tribe members (he was in the documentary and is simply amazing) is John Hulsey. He started this thing called Project One Five and I decided that I need to try do this starting today! I’m going to focus on 5 things each day that will keep me on track, focus on my health, and get me to my goals. I’m going to share this on my Twitter, but I will aim to do a daily post with my 5 actions each day. Here’s to the next 100 days!

Action 001 – Food is fuel. This morning I fueled up on a healthy smoothie! My favorite smoothie is the PB & J and I make it almost daily, I LOVE it! It is both healthy and makes me feel really good.

Action 002 – Water. I drink a minimum of 100oz a day! Today I’m using my big 33oz Camelbak bottle and I tend to fill this one up 3-4 times per day.

Action 003 – Surround myself with positivity. Positive mantras to wear on my wrist and neck are always something you will see on me. I just got some new wraps today, along with my first Momentum necklace.

Action 004 – Getting outside. Saw our hibiscus flowers had bloomed and it made me smile. I try to get outside to breath in some fresh air and clear my head several times a day.

Action 005 –  Rest. I headed to bed early tonight to relax and watch documentaries! Woot!

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!

Oh man, this week is going by S-L-O-W! I felt like a sloth yesterday without running in the morning, it’s been really getting to me. I miss running and it’s only been 4 days since I last ran… feel’s like weeks. My hip is still like a 3 on a scale of 1-10, so it’s a teeny bit angry still and I probably could attempt to do a short run but I know that if I give it rest today I may have a better run tomorrow, even if it’s just a short 1 miler. I really feel for those who are sidelined due to a major injury for months and months.

Since today is Tuesday, I thought I would share a little “Transformation Tuesday” action on the blog! Let’s do a face-to-face transformation! Left was at my heaviest at 320 lbs (when I had a knitting video podcast I did once a week) and the right was Friday at 230 lbs (I’m now 229.4)!

I clearly remember how I felt and acted in the picture in the left… I always wore a cardigan and had to keep the video camera in just the right light so I wouldn’t think I looked “that heavy” and then I would slap a crappy filter over the video to hide any flaws that people “may see”.

The picture on the right shows confidence and pride even after a crappy run… this was the run where my right hip got angry and I had to walk halfway home, but I didn’t quit! In this picture I see someone who has changed a LOT, she is wearing a tank top and a hat… two things I would never do in the past. I like the life in her eyes and I’m glad this is me!

This morning was my first full weight training session in our home gym, holy crap that was different but will be much felt tomorrow big time! I had to do some alternatives to the machines and cables since I only have dumbbells, a kettlebell, and bench to work with so some of the workouts I do at the gym were for sure different at home. Like Fly’s and Rear Delt Fly’s were used on my bench and dumbbells, normally I do 20# on the machine but I could only use 5# dumbbells for this alternative.

After that session, even lifting my iced coffee felt like a workout lol!! Crossing my fingers hard that I can run tomorrow!

Yesterday I got more badges in the mail from Stridebadge!!! I’m still waiting on two last badges to arrive soon and I need to register for some new ones too! My little patch collection is growing and I love it! Seeing these when I’m on the treadmill next to me always makes me smile. I want to do the rest of their 5k challenges, then work on some weekly stride challenges they have.

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!

It’s Friday!! Woot! Despite being cranky from having to skip my run this morning, I’ve been in a great mood lol! My right hip has been sore since my run on Wednesday so I decided to play it safe and rest one more day to see if I can get back to it feeling 100%, I would say I feel about 90% right now so that’s good! More icing and stretching is in order tonight!

I will admit, I have been lazy today and my steps are in the toilet BUT my eating has been on point and my water has been awesome, so I don’t care. I’m always going full force, so I’m embracing a lazy day lol! I did have an awesome mail day though, got new tee’s and two are tank tops… gulp! I’ve been so hot on my runs and so tired of wearing a tee shirt that I decided enough is enough, I’m wearing a tank top and I don’t care anymore. My arms are looking really good, despite a massive farmers tan right now (hoping to even that out over the next few weeks lol).

Today I did some goal work in my planner and prepped some pages for the weeks to come… I usually washi up the pages in a theme, so I spent time doing that for fun haha! I’m seeing the scale move again, though Aunt Flo came knocking this week so naturally the scale has been going down all week and then this morning it jumped up 6oz, so I skipped weigh in LOL! Will see how it is tomorrow or Sunday instead. I’m thrilled though since the inches are dropping and I’m physically feeling changes on my body… like, actually running my hands over my legs or arms. For the first time, I actually feel athletic and strong… and I love it more than the numbers on the scale. You just can’t replace “feeling” with “numbers”.

Yesterday was my last gym day until after spring break, ugh. Bitter sweet, I will miss this place for a week (a whopping two days, but still haha). I could go to the gym in the evening but I really don’t want to fight the after work crowd there so I’m going to be using my home gym next week and I’m very excited! It will be a nice test for the summer months and I will be able to see what I need to get still. I’ll have to get creative with some workouts since I don’t have the machines at home or barbells but I will make it work! I have dumbbells, a 20# kettlebell, and weight bench… plus my elliptical, treadmill, and yoga mat. I know lots of squats will be on the schedule next week haha!

I kicked butt though with weights yesterday and really put in a lot of focus. Proud of my hard work and excited for future results!