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What I ate in a day!

What I ate in a day!

I’ve been asked a few times if I could do a “what I eat in a day” post and the other day I actually remembered! Hah! I decided to try photographing everything I ate one day, minus my million iced coffee’s I have during the day. I mix up my meals day by day, obviously, but here is an idea of some things I eat as a vegan!


I make a smoothie almost every morning! It’s been a go-to for a while now and I don’t think I’ll change it anytime soon. I also make the same smoothie each time. I’m a massive creature of habit and rarely get bored with meals. If I don’t make a smoothie, I usually make overnight oats… which I may make for tomorrow morning!

So this morning I had my smoothie and then my first iced coffee for the day lol! I can’t even tell you how many I drank today, I love coffee, hence my blog name! I use almond creamer in my coffee by the way, I want to try coconut creamer though!

Smoothie Recipe: unsweetened almond milk, spinach, strawberries, chia seed, hemp seed, peanut butter, banana, ice


My lunches vary, some days I’ll do a huge salad or a finger food plate of fruits and veggies. Today I cut up some russet potatoes into wedges, tossed them in olive oil, garlic/parsley seasoning, sea salt, and black pepper. Then baked them directly on the rack at 425º for 37 min (including the preheat time). This is a slightly modified recipe by High Carb Hannah. I added more wedges to my plate after I ate these haha! So good!!


Fresh fruit (strawberries, dragon fruit, cotton candy grapes), dried apricots, and raw cashews. I love “finger food” snacks and lunches. I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of snacking on fruit and nuts, some days I don’t snack if I make heavy meals though. I like to grab a handful of cashews or almonds during the day since they are good protein.


I made this last night and it was so good that I had to repeat tonight! Quesadilla fried on the stovetop in some peanut oil. Stuffed with veg refried beans, Follow Your Heart cheese, hot sauce, rice, romaine, and green onions. It’s seriously amazing! I start my quesadilla’s in the microwave to melt the cheese a tad so it sticks the tortilla’s together a bit. Then I put a tablespoon of oil in a small pan, cook each side of the quesadilla for a few minutes, until brown a bit and done! You get great restaurant style quesadilla’s with that crispy shell but gooey insides!

After dinner I had a big bowl of pineapple!

Some Updates!

Some Updates!

Howdy! Things have been going excellent in my little world! Thought I would update the blog this morning on what I have been doing. Today marks 40 days since going vegan (will be 6 weeks on Thursday) and I haven’t felt better!

Last week I lost 3.4 lbs without even focusing or trying, just eating good food and enjoying. It’s been liberating, to not log food or focus on calories. I was never a calorie counter, but I did keep a close eye on my caloric intake through my health journey and would hoover at the 1,300 calorie mark (my splurge days were around 1,500). I mentioned before that I did log my foods the first week when I switched to vegan, not for calorie watching but I wanted to watch my nutrients (protein, calcium, iron, etc) and be sure I was hitting those goals, also what foods helped what, etc. I recommend anyone doing this when you switch to vegan!

I may do a little post on Jess Uprooted about tips and such on how to switch to a vegan lifestyle for anyone interested! I would love to share what I have learned, what worked for me, etc.

A little weight loss update! Since I switched to vegan, I have lost 6.4 lbs. Weight loss isn’t as fast as it used be now that I’ve lost 95 lbs and I’m ok with that! This morning I am only 5 lbs away from reaching the 100 lbs lost mark again, finally!

What I find interesting, is that last year around this time I was also trying to reach 100 lbs lost and I remember hoping to reach it before my birthday on the 21st, but I didn’t end up reaching this goal until July. I have a feeling I will reach 100 lbs lost in June this time, but time will tell… Aunt Flo is right around the corner and she tends to unpack quite a heavy suitcase (meaning, I usually gain 3-6 lbs that week) lol!

Also, I stopped running after June 21st last year and picked it back up in the late fall… Currently, I haven’t really ran in over a month, I did do a .34 mile run a couple weeks ago but I’m not really counting that. I’m repeating these patterns again just like last year, but there is a new key player in this right now… it’s my relationship with food, which has changed drastically for the better. I’m still losing weight despite not running. Last year when I stopped running, I also stopped eating healthy and the pounds started adding back on (around 23 lbs in total). So, while I’m not running right now, I’m still losing weight! Glad history isn’t repeating itself entirely lol! I feel like my new found relationship with food and my new lifestyle with veganism will only help me this time around.

Running has been on my mind all weekend! I want to run, I just hate running on the treadmill. I didn’t mind it when I had a choice to run on the treadmill or outside, then I didn’t mind jumping on it. But now that I have no choice but to run on it… I don’t want to. Funny how that happens! We are hitting 113º by the end of the week and I just can’t do outside running, no matter how early I go out (which is hard anyways since my daughter is home for the summer on break). I’ve learned that 50-60º is my comfort zone outside when running, 70º is ok, but anything over 80º and I start having breathing issues with wheezing and a tight chest.

I have several virtual runs to do but I’m not worried about them, I will do them each when I get back into running. They will be there on my shelf in the packages until then. But I do want to do one on July 1st, it’s the Rise Up 5k that I signed up for. It’s a live event that is going on in 300 cities and also had a virtual option. I want to run the same day everyone else is, so I will be doing this virtual run that day… I don’t care if I have to walk it all, it will get done on my treadmill since the cause means so much to me. You can read about it here – you can use my code 22129 to get 10% off too!

Goodbye April!

Goodbye April!

Happy Sunday! Spent some time in the backyard with Bob working on the garden, we finally planted the Goji berry in the ground in the perfect spot (up on our mini hill). I’m now relaxing and thinking about the new week ahead! Not sure if I mentioned or not, but I joined in on my friends DietBet that is starting on Monday and I think this motivation is just what I needed. I’m excited for May, I have a weight goal to work for with this bet. My 4% goal is to lose 9.3 lbs, eep! I haven’t lost 9-10 lbs in one month in ages so this will be interesting lol!

I’m on day 4 of vegetarian and going strong, I feel fantastic and loving this change! Last time I tried go vegetarian I quit after like day 2, and I noticed on day 2 recently I had the urge to throw in the towel but I didn’t… I caught myself in the same mindset “maybe I should just switch to vegan right now” and that led to panic on what I’ll eat right now, and worry about what to eat the next day… so I stopped myself right there before I got overwhelmed. I’m keeping my focus on vegetarian (lacto – so no meat but I am keeping dairy right now). I don’t like eggs, so that is an easy thing to cut out but I’m not focusing on cutting things out that have eggs in them right now, I will cut that out down the road. Keeping my mindset on just cutting out meat is getting rid of the overwhelming feeling that I got. I’ve learned that baby steps are key for me and have proved so when I cut out soda several years ago, then red meat, the pork, etc. So little by little it sticks better, some can switch overnight and I applaud them big time, I wish I could do that!

I think I’m going to stop talking vegetarian on each post though and either post a weekly review on the blog or move my vegetarian adventures on to a smaller blog and just link it here once in a while. Not sure yet!

Back to the DietBet! I did my initial weigh in and pictures yesterday, not the most flattering either since I didn’t do my hair yet or anything lol! My plan of attack for May… or my goals, I should say are:

✖︎ Get back to running – aiming for 3 days a week with just 30-45 min
✖︎ Walk 30 min per day (unless it’s a run day)
✖︎ Weight Training – stick to my two days a week 
✖︎ Biking – 3-5 days per week with 10-15 mile rides
✖︎ Focus on food – sticking with vegetarian

I’m excited to see what switching to vegetarian does for the month of May, I’m trying not to snack on junk and make sure it’s nutrient dense. I don’t want to just live off potatoes and pasta, so I’m currently trying new-to-me foods… yesterday I tried sweet peppers and sugar snap peas (raw) and loved them! Texture if my biggest issue with being a picky eater so I’m determined to beat this picky eating, it’s exhausting to be a picky eater. I want more variety and more plant based protein options, so beans are next on my list to try (I’ve never had beans before, not even refried).

Ready for a new week and new month! Let’s do this!

Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet?

I had no idea that I didn’t post much this week on the blog! It’s been a long week for sure and I’m ready for the weekend to get here already. I’ll admit, I skipped the gym this week and said I was working on “self care” but in reality that meant that I was having massive “body image issues”. My face has broken out due to Aunt Flo knocking yesterday and I felt like a hippo in a wetsuit so I decided to take this week off and rest fully…. like really, rest my body, muscles, and mind. I have to say, I was feeling really guilty this morning after I skipped the gym but writing this now… I don’t feel guilty at all. I feel ready for a fresh perspective next week and I’m actually looking forward to it.

This week had zero running, barely any walks, and not as much bike rides… but that’s ok! This morning was actually a rough ride on my bike as I nearly got hit by some idiot who ran a red. Long story short, he ran the red when I was halfway across the crosswalk (I had the right away with the crosswalk light)… he decided to stop after the crosswalk but not run the red completely. He was still for a while and I had to get out of the street so I decided to ride to the other side but when I get behind him, he gunned it in reverse! I managed to get out of the way since I was already on high alert… but the worst wasn’t even that, the worst was hearing a woman in another car yell “He’s going to hit her!”… most would assume that was yelled out in fear of seeing someone get hit by a car… no, not this woman. She then burst out in laughter and started clapping her hands while throwing her head back in what looked like enjoyment. That was the worst part. I left my faith in humanity on the curb and rode home shaking, cut my 10 mile ride short (did 8 miles). I don’t understand what enjoyment people have seeing others almost get injured or worse, get injured! I’ll never understand.

Anyways, I’m fine and I’ll ride again but I think I’ll be going elsewhere to ride… even though I ride on a paved canal trail meant for bikes, runners, and such.

After the incident, I actually had a great day! My new glasses arrived so I went to pick them up, yay! My others were very old and falling apart pretty bad, the right lens was so scratched and scuffed that it felt like I was looking through dirty windows all the time.

Since it’s a long post, I’ll go to note that I am attempting the vegetarian transition once again, today is day one and it went great! I’m trying not to stress about it or think too hard this time around, I tend to put way too much pressure on myself every time I attempt to drop meat (which is only chicken/turkey now). So if I mess up, it’s ok, just need to keep going and keep making a conscious effort. Here were most of my foods from today, minus dinner… phone is dead so I didn’t snap a pic but I had a huge salad with corn on the cob. I noticed one big change today, I ate more fruit and veggies than I normally do and that’s a good thing! I’m trying to be creative with getting more protein in so I don’t have to worry about it much so like today I used 3 tbsp of hemp hearts in my morning smoothie, on top of the peanut butter and 4 oz of greek yogurt (I’m not cutting out dairy right now) – that gave my smoothie 28g of protein right there. I am picking up nuts and such tomorrow for snacks here and there.

I told myself that if I really want to switch to this lifestyle that I really need to open up more and try new things. I’m a massive picky eater and I have a massive texture issue with foods to top it off. I don’t like squishy wet foods like tomato’s, I prefer foods to have more of a crunch or “bite” to them, hard to explain. Faux meats gross me out for some reason but I am willing to try tofu (if it’s thin and “crispy”) and seitan (I heard it’s better than tempeh… which grosses me out anyways). I was going to start a new blog just to journal about my adventures in vegetarian but I may just do a weekly recap on the blog here instead, we’ll see!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Today has been going great! I started today with a PB & J smoothie with hemp hearts and have stuck with my eating, just finished lunch. I really need to focus on my eating, big time! Let’s be honest… my food focus has been horrible the past few weeks month. Getting in activity has been super easy despite not running much lately, I’ve been on my bike daily. My right knee is still a little eh, going to rest one more day today and go for a 30 min run tomorrow morning to see how it feels. There is a chance I may have to sit out Sunday’s race… really don’t want to, so we’ll see!

One thing I did this weekend that I never thought I would do was join a DietBet! It’s for May and my friend Tamara is hosting it so I figured… why not?! I need something to help motivate me to get back on track, maybe money will do it, who knows! I’m a little nervous about it, won’t lie lol! The goal is to lose 4% of your starting weight in 4 weeks, seems easy enough but that will be around 9 lbs lol! I used to lose 10-12 lbs per month in the beginning, but after losing over 90 lbs it has slowed down a lot so I will do my best and work my butt off, then see what happens! I really don’t want to focus on weight loss right now but I need focus on my eating so that is a bonus to eating better… weight loss.

This morning I got in a 12 mile bike ride, had a great time! There was some wind heading south that was felt… oh, was it felt! Looking at my heart rate on the ride… it was for sure noticed lol! I’m really anxious to try out some new trails, love the one I go on but it’s getting old lol! So maybe I’ll get the courage to load my bike on the car rack this week and head to Tempe for a ride.

This weekend we killed it in the backyard! We got so much work done, tree’s planted, and cleaned. Almost two years ago we had a vision and started working on the small space food forest for our home, it was hard to see the outcome on most days, some days I regretted even starting this whole project… but now, we are so thrilled with the changes!

Between the two pics we have pulled up about 2-3 rows of brick to enlarge the grow space a bit. Had all the bougainvillea removed, then slowly started to plant in trees little by little. If you have planted fruit trees before then you know how pricey some trees can be! So we did it over the course of a year and a half or so. Our yard is far from done but it’s finally starting to look less like a project, which I love haha!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

This morning I was really hoping to run but my right knee is still on the fritz so tonight and this weekend I plan to ice, ice, and more ice! This makes me glad I have my bike to ride now, I’m still getting in activity and I had no idea you could burn some great calories while riding! Who knew?! Holy leg workout too!

I managed to install the new bike rack on my car this morning and did a couple test drives around (sans bike) to check and see how secure it was in general… it’s solid as a rock! Will add the bike to it this weekend and drive around in the neighborhood to test that next… this part makes me nervous lol!

After I did the whole morning school drop off shenanigans I got in a 13 mile bike ride before lunch. I talked myself out of Taco Bell and made a healthy plate instead, go me! Now I’m fully glad I stuck to my guns, it’s been a rough couple of weeks with eating but I managed to lose 2 lbs this week. I’m at 45 miles this week on my bike! Woot!

I’m beat this week! Tomorrow I plan to rest and ice my knee, also work on a little bike maintenance and plant tree’s in the backyard with Bob. I have no idea how many tree’s need to go in the ground or be repotted, I’ve lost count haha!! He already started cutting out the Texas Sage in the front yard, now it just needs the roots dug out before we can plant our Cherry Plum… I can’t wait to see that tree every time I pull up to the house! It’s my favorite type of tree ever and it makes me so happy anytime I see them around town.

Yesterday was gym day for my weight training… I really didn’t feel like going but I know I have goals to reach so I went anyways! Naturally, I’m glad I went when I was done and I kicked some serious ass lifting lol! After the gym, I took Metta out for a ride and it was my longest distance yet! Creeping up on the distance, I did 12.19 miles and I was aiming for 10 so I decided to keep going since I felt really good.

There are so many ways that biking has changed my life for me in just the past weeks. I got my bike on the 7th and have since ridden her almost 55 miles (10 days). While I know many other riders do like 20+ miles in a day, I’m happy with my mileage! I would love to get longer distances though, just need to take her out to some new trails.

#FacetoFace Friday

#FacetoFace Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Woot! Normally I do a themed virtual run in memory of my MIL (who passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 2015) but my IT band is still giving me some trouble. I managed to get .62 miles in on the treadmill before my daughter needed something, but right before I stopped I felt that pain start up so I’m glad I stopped when I did. This may actually cause me to pull out of the 5k race on Sunday if I can’t even walk it, not too happy about it but it is what it is.

I was having a good hair day so I decided to participate in the #FacetoFace Friday fun! I remember when I took the picture on the left, I was embracing the idea that I would never lose weight and that I would be “at this size” forever. One positive thing about that picture though was that I was starting to learn to love myself at that size and was embracing body positivity, I don’t dislike that picture one bit. It reminds me of the bravery I was facing when I started to realize that I can accept myself no matter what, despite not being happy with my weight. Jump to today, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I have enough energy to fuel a train and feel unstoppable… well, I’m sidelined right now with running, but you know what I mean haha!!

Today I ran over to the store and picked up some healthy treats, I always get so excited to look down at my cart and see only healthy stuff! It’s a gorgeous view for sure! I wanted to try and find some quick, yet clean, oatmeal. I tried some for the first time the other day and wanted to find a good kind (yes, I’m a massive picky eater but I’m making baby steps lol). I ended up finding this brand called Love Grown and it looks good! Ingredients: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, apples.

I also found some good snack bars called That’s It and they are extremely clean and healthy! Ingredients: apples and strawberries… that’s it! The other is apples and mangoes. For 100 calories and 3-5g of fiber, not bad! I’m trying to add in more fiber and also trying to clean up my eating even more, I’m striving to do an 80% plant based and 20% everything else like chicken, creamer, sour cream, etc.

I did get my donut treat finally after weeks of wanting a donut! I ran by Dunkin’ and picked one up and coffee (another treat). I’m good to go now for a few weeks now that I got that out of my system lol!

Action 006 – Treat yourself. I’ve been wanting a donut for weeks, I got my donut! Moderation is key!

Action 007 – Try new things. Picked up new bars and oatmeal to try that have no added crap!

Action 008 – Mind over matter. Knowing to take a breather before reaching for that craving. The craving will always pass. I like to take a 2-3 minute time out, chances are that if it’s just a random craving out of boredom, it will pass and I won’t want it anymore.

Action 009 –Don’t be so serious. Life is much more enjoyable when you have fun and laugh more!

Action 010 – Early dinner. Eating dinner early tends to work really well for me and weight loss. I try not to binge after dinner and just work on my water, I guess you could call it “intermittent fasting”. When I cut out after dinner snacking the pounds literally fall off me and I wake up feeling good (rather than bloated).

Project One Five

Project One Five

Today’s food choices have been a much better today than yesterday, back at it! Started my morning with a smoothie and got my weight training done! My goal for today was to eat clean and healthy, ignore the crap. Food is fuel!

When I have a bad day, I usually stop right there and evaluate it. See what went wrong, what I need to do to not have a bad day again, and move on. I have been doing great with no binges after dinner… yesterday I had a major binge after dinner. Looking at my previous week, I was losing on the scale consistently when I cut out all binging after dinner, that is key for me big time I have found. So today I’m focused on not binging, it is back to day one with this and that’s ok! I now look to see how long I can go without a binge, not try to see it as falling off track and failing. It’s more like “how long can you balance a ball on your head”.

One of the original FFTFL tribe members (he was in the documentary and is simply amazing) is John Hulsey. He started this thing called Project One Five and I decided that I need to try do this starting today! I’m going to focus on 5 things each day that will keep me on track, focus on my health, and get me to my goals. I’m going to share this on my Twitter, but I will aim to do a daily post with my 5 actions each day. Here’s to the next 100 days!

Action 001 – Food is fuel. This morning I fueled up on a healthy smoothie! My favorite smoothie is the PB & J and I make it almost daily, I LOVE it! It is both healthy and makes me feel really good.

Action 002 – Water. I drink a minimum of 100oz a day! Today I’m using my big 33oz Camelbak bottle and I tend to fill this one up 3-4 times per day.

Action 003 – Surround myself with positivity. Positive mantras to wear on my wrist and neck are always something you will see on me. I just got some new wraps today, along with my first Momentum necklace.

Action 004 – Getting outside. Saw our hibiscus flowers had bloomed and it made me smile. I try to get outside to breath in some fresh air and clear my head several times a day.

Action 005 –  Rest. I headed to bed early tonight to relax and watch documentaries! Woot!

Rest Run Repeat

Rest Run Repeat

Missed posting yesterday, this week has me on lazy status for sure lol! Really hoping this won’t be how summer will turn into! I did get my 1 mile test run in yesterday and it went well! I took it slow (15:55 min/mi) and kept my stride short. It seemed to help though, I’m slower on the treadmill anyways so that helped too. I discovered my hip issue isn’t bursitis (yay) but it’s an angry IT band (boo). I started working on specific stretches yesterday for my IT band and it has been working wonders! I have been rolling my IT band as well more, as much as it hurts, it is helping as well.

Today is weights at home, then will do another test run tomorrow morning and I’m going to aim for a short 1.5 mile this time. My 5k race is on Sunday and I’m determined, pain or not, to PR on this race and get my 45:00 or less time… or at least PR last years course (48:00). If I remember correctly, it’s a two lap course and the finish line is all down hill so I have that on my side this year. Last year when I did the Cookies & Milk 5k I remember trying to run to the finish line but I was still very new to running so I wasn’t as strong, this year I am much stronger and hope to finish strong.

I’ve been getting new badges from Stridebadge all week in the mail, yesterday I got my challenge badges that I did with a new friend on IG! They are SO cute! I need to sign up for more now, I’m almost done earning my 96 mile badge though, only 10 mile to go!

My daughters “dreams came true” yesterday when she finally got her hands on one of those Hatchimals. Her grades have been great so my mom offered to reward her for her hard work with one and after calling and hunting one down at Target, she ended up getting their only Hatchimal. I’ll admit, it was cute to watch hatch… then I lost all interest LOL! It didn’t take her long to dress it up with a tutu and princess crown though haha!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: So, yesterday… oh man, it was our “grocery day” so that means the house was fairly dry as far as food goes… and let’s just say, it was not my proudest eating day LOL! Forgive and forget, I say. Not going to let one day of bad eating ruin my mood or ruin the rest of the week. It’s done and over, no use stressing.

I have planned out my day with meals and ready to go! I was so grossed out by yesterdays choices… which is great! I won’t repeat it today lol!

Monday, let’s do this!

Monday, let’s do this!

Happy Monday! It’s a fresh new week, so let’s do this! I may not be running this morning (super sad) but I did start my morning off great with a smoothie for breakfast and spent some time sewing… what?! It’s been at least a year since I have sewn anything but lately I’ve had the urge so I decided to dust everything off yesterday and sew up some sleeve cozies for my smoothie/coffee cup!

I’m obsessed with these sleeves now, I made two more this morning too. It’s been so long since I had the motivation to create something and I’ve been getting antsy to sell handmade again, but still taking it slow. I’m the type of person who can only focus on one big thing at a time, so I tend to obsess very easy and dive all in. I’m trying to pull back the reigns a bit and ease into things. But, if I do decide to sell again I will post a link!

I am SO happy this morning… I woke up to see 229.8 lbs on the scale this morning… that means I’m now at 90.2 lbs lost and less than 10 lbs from my lowest weight where I left off!!! Ahhhh!!! The hard work is for sure paying off and I’m happy with my progress. I was reflecting this morning on the scale, how I feel, etc. I am happy exactly where I am with my body and weight, I could stay like this forever and not care. BUT, I need to keep going because less weight will be less strain on my joints with running, so it’s not about vanity.

While I get excited to see the numbers on the scale move, it’s how my clothes are fitting that make me happier. I’m still wearing an XL tee and size 18 jeans (I can wear a large and size 16 but I like clothes to fit loose, not baggy though). I’m excited to take measurements on April 1st since I feel like my clothes are loose on me now than they were when I was at 220 lbs, I’m pretty sure weight training has helped in that department since muscle takes up less space than fat!