Bye, Weekend

Bye, Weekend

This weekend has been a long and busy one, but a fun one! We got a lot of errands done, minus grocery shopping… will go tomorrow! I was able to get a few bike rides in, short ones so far but will go longer this week. I added a pannier bag to the back rear rack on my bike so now I can carry my camera, extra water, snacks, bike repair gear (multi-tool, patches, and travel pump). I want to get a small first aid kit for my bag too, I think that would be handy to keep in there. I do need to get a bike rack still for the back of my Scion IQ, I want to take her up north to ride!

I did a test run with my Garmin this morning… and oh how much I adore this Garmin! I have zero guilt buying this 735xt, it was a big splurge but fully worth the money so far. I’m excited to try it on a swim this summer! I will test it out on Tuesday with weight training too, I already set up a custom activity profile for strength training.

Today we ran around town to check out some plant nurseries, one was new to us and the other was a favorite of ours, Dig It in Phoenix. The other was a tropical fruit tree nursery in downtown Phoenix, they had over 40 mango varieties on site. I’m kicking myself for not picking one up, trying to convince my husband to grab one this week on his way home lol! Mango’s grow very well here in our part of Az!

We did pick up a few new plant friends this weekend… besides the ones we picked up yesterday (dragon fruit, passion, etc), we got a Plumeria (unknown color right now) and Ice Cream Banana! Very excited about the banana, that was a surprise that Bob brought home… he mentioned he got the Plumeria… but then it looks like it had a banana tree baby on the car ride home, hmmm lol!!

We will be busy this week planting all these tree’s! Some are going in pots, some in the ground.

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