Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday

It has been a busy weekend so far! Lots of errands, play, and everything in between. We started off our morning by dropping Maggie off at the groomers for a much needed grooming, she was getting some mats behind her ears and butt so she needed it badly! Then we had to return my daughters bike since it had a badly striped bolt and we couldn’t get it off to put on the training wheels (she requested training wheels, first two wheel bike for her). She got a new one and I took her out to ride a bit, she is still getting the hang of it lol!

Maggie came home gorgeous, soft, and mat free! Our groomer does an amazing job with her and Maggie loves them. Looking forward to dog cuddles tonight in bed now that she’s all soft and fluffy haha!

This afternoon the mail man dropped off a new toy for me to play with this week… a new Garmin!! I upgraded and replaced my Forerunner 230 and bought a 735xt that I have had my eyes on for quite some time now. I’m already in love! I set it up, charged it, and have been wearing it for a couple hours now… love it! I can’t wait to try it in the morning with a short 2 mile run, I’m planning to do a couple miles on the bike tomorrow as well to try that out.

I took my bike out a few times today with Zoë to just ride around out front and get used to it… I am working on turns lol!! It’s been so long since I rode one that I’m a bit slow when it comes to turning, but I’m getting better haha!! I’m hoping to do a short ride, maybe 4 miles, and test out my Garmin with biking to see how it does. I have biking on my other 230 Garmin but never tried it.

We picked up a new cactus friend for the patio table! Bob went up to the plant nursery and brought home some more plants… a goji berry, another dragon fruit (yellow variety this time), and a fruiting passion vine (we have one but it’s a hybrid and doesn’t fruit)! So excited to get these going, I hear the yellow dragon fruit are amazing and the most sweet, we have a pink variety now and they will both be going in a half whiskey barrel together tomorrow.

I’m still on the hunt for my wish list tree, a donut peach! We have been wanting one badly and don’t care if it’s a dwarf or full, we will make it work haha! Donut peaches are my all time favorite fruit, I look forward to the season this year!

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