Birthday Run – Bad Hair Day 5k

Birthday Run – Bad Hair Day 5k

Today I’m 33 years old and I have been oddly excited for my birthday to come this year. Fun fact: I live by the number 3, everything I do tends to be in 3’s and things come to me in 3’s. I see the number 3 constantly and take it as a sign, sounds a bit woo woo but it’s true, lol! Every year on my birthday I tell myself “I want to lose weight and be healthy before my next birthday”… and every single time, I fall off track and give up. This was finally the birthday that I kept that promise to myself, I wanted to go into a new age with a new focus and better health. I did just that and I’m not done yet!

This evening I did a 5k virtual run for my birthday, I registered last mont knowingly that I wanted to do this run on my birthday. It was for sure a bit emotional and symbolic. Last year on my birthday I was 320 lbs and had bad plantar fasciitis in both feet. Walking sucked, if I walked the mall one day with my daughter, I knew I would be couch ridden for the next 2 days. Happened every time. Now that I have no pain (as of October) and can run with less weight on my feet, I can’t stop. I may take breaks from time to time, but I don’t think I’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Not only did I finish my 18th 5k since December, but I reached a PR tonight!! I was almost a full minute faster than my previous PR, I finished at 47:03 (previous PR was 48:00)! I pushed hard, and yes I’m still slow haha. I did over 14k steps today on top of it.

Time: 47:03
Average Pace: 15:11 (4 mph)
Best Pace: 12:30 (4.8 mph)

Earlier today I ran over to Target and found some new running capris, I was eyeing these when they first were stocked and had to grab a pair for me. LOVE them! I’m also sporting my new large tee!! They fit so nice, I used to hate fitted tee’s with a passion. I was super self conscious about seeing a muffin top and fat rolls around my bra line… you know the ones I’m talking about! Now everything is laying flat and smooth, for the most part haha!

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