Bad, but Good Run!

Bad, but Good Run!

This morning I had my heart set out to do a 4 mile run but I ended up only doing 3.14 miles and earning some virtual run bling… but it wasn’t all bad. My right hip went out on me after I reached 1.5 miles so I ended up walking the rest back home with an angry, flared up hip. Why was this a bad, but good run? Let me tell you! Today was the first time that I wore a tank top out in public!! I have only worn a tank top on the treadmill one time, that’s it. I bit the bullet and headed out for a run wearing one of my new tops I posted the other day… I’ll admit, I stalled on getting out of the house but I got out there finally haha!

One huge thing I learned while wearing a tank top was that no one knew it was my first time, no one was “looking” at me weird, no one even cared… they were doing their own thing and not caring about me wearing a tank top. It’s ALL in my head and it was liberating! I felt awesome, and most of all I was comfortable on this run! I wasn’t overheating one bit, despite being drenched in a sweat. I took a selfie to mark this milestone and it was also the first time I took a post-run selfie… and in a hat! Very proud of myself today!

My time wasn’t horrible, but I was a bit bummed that I had to walk half of the run due to my hip. My mile splits were: 14:46 – 16:23 – 15:46… so you can tell which mile I really had to put the brakes on. I ended up running 1/4 of the 3rd mile since this man turned down the path with me and he was just giving me the creeps, so I wanted to get home faster and grow some distance between him and I. Maybe I’m paranoid but I just went with my gut (and text my husband my location GPS as I ran), better safe than sorry…. it hurt though! I’m taking rest for the next few days and icing since I have a 5k race next Sunday and I do not want to miss it!

Today was a happy little mail day! My badges from Stridebadge arrived!! I have a few more on the way too, these ones are cute! I’ll have to get a new picture of my collection on my cork board, they are growing and I love every single one of them. I need to register for more of them soon!

My eating has been awesome today, lots of fruit snacks, healthy clean meals, and water! The scale hasn’t moved much but I feel awesome!! I’m still crossing my fingers that I see 229 or less on the scale soon, I’m so close, I keep teetering back and forth from 230 to 231. It’s ok though, like I said, I feel awesome and love the changes I’m feeling.

I’m going to soak in the rest of the weekend before it starts to heat up too much next week, supposed to reach the 90’s again… ugh! Summer is creeping, but at least I’ll be wearing tank tops this year!!

4 thoughts on “Bad, but Good Run!

  1. Great job on the run! And good for you for breaking through what was holding you back about wearing a tank top.
    How do you carry your phone when you run?
    I really love following your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thanks!! I wear a Flipbelt and LOVE it! I bought it at the health expo the day before I did my half marathon in January but didn’t wear it (was new and didn’t want to risk trying it out for 13.1 miles lol!!). Since then, I have worn it on every run and it’s worked out great! It holds my phone, has a hook for my house key, and I stash gels (or cough drops when getting over a cold lol)!

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