Back on the pavement

Back on the pavement

It’s been nearly a week (just shy of a day) since I last ran and this morning was rough, no lie! I’m still not 100% after the flu bug but I would say I’m about 90%, so strength was missing this morning haha! I must have left my legs at the gym yesterday too, they felt like lead no matter how much I stopped to stretch. But… I got my 4 miles done and I feel awesome! I finished strong and got all my splits under the 15 minute pace, woot! That means I managed to get all 4 miles done under and hour, woohoo! My run this morning went to the Monkeying Around 5k badge through Stridebadge! I registered for a couple this week to earn, gotta fill up my cork board!!

My last mile motivation was that I had chocolate milk waiting for me at the house haha!! Finished up my post-run with a smoothie too.

I managed to remember to take arm progress pictures! I didn’t do any leg ones, but will try to this weekend. I’m really happy with my one month arm progress, I lost exactly an inch last month too on my upper arm. I feel the hard work I’m putting in at the gym is starting to pay off, I’m seeing some changes for sure! I need to get a picture of my back (that was a tricky picture to take the first time), so I’ll add that to the list of “to-do’s” this weekend.

I’m excited to see what progress will be made this month! We ordered a weight bench last night for our home gym, will be here tomorrow, and can’t wait to be able to workout out at home now and maybe add in some lifting on Saturdays with my husband. I plan on showing him my whole plan since he is interested in lifting weights too!

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