About Me

About Me

Hello, I’m Jess, a 30-something year old living in Mesa, Az with my husband, 8 year old daughter, and a Golden Retriever named Maggie! I’ve been vegan since May of 2017 and never looked back!

I decided to start this little blog to help track my progress with running and weight loss. I have struggled with my weight and health for over 10 years – it was time to put things into action and get healthy. While working on my weight, I discovered and fell in love with running! Who knew?!

I started my journey on August 5th, 2015 at 320 lbs. I suffered from plantar fasciitis for several years and it made it not only to hard to walk, but even standing for long periods of time caused me major pain. Walking for 5 minutes felt like death, I lived on fast food and heavily processed food to top it off. My plantar fasciitis went away in October of 2015, several months after I started losing weight.


  • Running Shoes – New Balance Fresh Foam 1080
  • Watch – Garmin 735xt (running, biking, swimming, etc)
  • Bike – Trek Neko WSD

I am a body positive supporter and I believe everyone can learn to love themselves at any size! I also believe in self love and self care, this is so important to me on my journey. I love my body at every stage and I honor myself daily. One of the most important tools on my weight loss is practicing PMA (positive mental attitude) and I never talk poorly about my body.

The main goal is health and to feel good.

“Fat or thin, it’s about how I feel. That is my goal.”