100 lbs Lost (again)!

100 lbs Lost (again)!

What a great way to end the week! I woke up to see I reached 100 lbs lost, again lol!! I gained 23 lbs back after last July and have been working on losing them since January but didn’t want to push myself as hard as I did before, I just wanted to let the pounds fall off more naturally and on their own. I managed to lose about 12 of those lbs before May and then it stalled for a few months. When I went vegan on May 4th, the weight started to move again without any effort, I was just eating and enjoying food.

For some reason, reaching this milestone feels more important to me than last time I reached it. I went about it in a different way through my eating and have not only healed the relationship I have with food, I have gained so much more compassion. I feel like I’m finally living up to my values and core ethics I have held for so many years of my love for animals.

Being vegan is more than just a way of eating, it’s an entire lifestyle of living as cruelty free as possible. I get asked often I have any “vegan weight loss tips” and to be honest, I have none other than just eat whole foods and stay away from processed junk. You can be a junk food vegan as easily as you can be a junk food non-vegan! I went vegan for animal ethics and the environment, the health benefits and weight loss are a bonus. I cannot express how much passion I have for veganism and the community, it has truly changed my life in more ways than I could count. I now understand why people say vegans are angry all the time, we aren’t… we are just extremely passionate and want everyone else to see what we see.

I have always had a deep love for animals but still ate them, like many do. I was guilty of carnism and speciesism. When I realized that I was putting my taste buds above the life of another, it was a connection that I had missed before and once my perception changed it was an easy switch for me to go vegan. I had originally planned to go vegetarian and ease into going vegan, but the same day I decided on that was the same day I learned the sad truth of the dairy industry. I won’t go into details here, you can do the research yourself just like I did. If you would love some recommendations, I started off with the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I’ll do a post of recommended books, films, and links soon!

Anyways, I’m rambling… I just wanted to post this milestone and share!


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