Current Goals

Current Goals

When I got back on track after the fall last year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to focus on any weight goals… like lose 2 lbs a week or reach X amount of weight in March, etc… as long as my weight was going in the right direction and inches were coming off, I was happy. Some things have changed and I’m now going to add some weight goals for a very good reason! I could leave you all in suspense but I won’t do that haha! I’m planning to register for my first full marathon next month for January!!! AHHHH!!! (yes, I screamed out loud when I typed that lol)!

Right now I’m 8.2 lbs away from being back to 100 lbs lost… what?! This is awesome! I thought for sure I would never see the day again when I was back to where I left off, but alas it is happening. Here are my current weight goals:

1st Goal: Reach 220 lbs – this puts me at 100 lbs lost
2nd Goal: Get under 200 lbs by January – only 21 lbs after I reach 1st goal

I always aim to make realistic goals, and saying that, I think getting under 200 lbs is very doable with focus and hard work. I lost my first 100 lbs in 11 months, so I know I can do it if I focus and be consistent! I have a total of 29.2 lbs to lose to reach both goals and I know any weight I lose this year before the marathon will only help me. It will help not only my speed, but also pressure off my poor joints while I work on training in the summer/early fall… still looking for a good training plan that I can focus on, then need to match it up on the calendar!

My new Momentum Jewelry wrap arrived yesterday!

The Color Run 5k

The Color Run 5k

What a fun morning! I did the Color Run 5k this morning out at Rawhide in Chandler and it was so fun! A little backstory about this race and why it meant so much to me to do it: Back in 2013, when I was on a health kick and on Weight Watchers (for all of 3 months) I signed up for the Color Run and made it a bucket list goal. I had always wanted to do a 5k and this race was what got me interested in doing them. I was walking around a 21:00 – 23:00 min mile and was over 300 lbs. I lost my footing with Weight Watchers and lost confidence in doing this race so I bailed. When I started my health journey in 2015, I knew that I had to do this race! I couldn’t do it in 2015 since the race had passed already… then in 2016, I couldn’t do it since it fell on the same weekend as another race I did… so I knew 2017 was the year!

I haven’t done any running since last Sunday so I wasn’t sure how my hip would do after all the recovery and rest work I was doing all week (clamshells, fire hydrants, bridges, and lots of stretching)…. but I was happy to note that I had zero pain on this race!! I didn’t push as hard though since it was just a fun run and I wanted to take it easy so I don’t relapse with my hip issues. I stuck to my 30/30 sec run/walk but took some extra walking after mile 2… the heat was really not fun, it started out in the low 60º’s and cloudy (was perfect), then the sun came out and hit me hard. My goal was to have fun and see how my hip would do, also… cross the finish line of this race finally after 4 years of waiting.

I really didn’t think I would get super saturated in color like they show on the promotional pictures and such… but I got hit big time at the last purple station! You can see in my Garmin picture that it looks like I’m wearing a purple long sleeve tee haha!! When I got home, I had color in places that I didn’t think I would have color!

What I learned from doing this race:

• Even though I covered my Garmin really well with a sweatband… color got in. But, I was able to clean it off pretty quick with a pipe cleaner and water, whew!
• Wearing old shoes was a great idea!
• Don’t worry about your pace, just have fun! I did keep an eye on my pace just to see what I was doing but I wasn’t aiming for anything at all.

While I mention pace, my splits were a mess since I accidentally hit the “lap” button 2 minutes in… oop’s!

Dumbbells for Breakfast

Dumbbells for Breakfast

It feels so good to be back at the gym! I finished up my weight training for the week this morning and kicked major butt! I’m still sore from Tuesday since I upped my weights on leg press and lat pulldowns but I feel great. Today I upped the weight on my dbell lateral raises from 5# to 7.5# and I also upped the weight on my overhead dbell tricep extensions from 10# to 12.5#! I remember when I started lifting with the 5# for lateral raises, it was hard and thought I would never go up on weights but now I am!

When I started at the gym I used to hate looking at my thighs squish out when I would sit on the leg curl and extension machines… now when I look down, I see strong legs and I love it! I feel fierce when I get on that machine despite that I’m only lifting 50# on the machines right now, I will up the weight to 60# in the next week or two.

INJURY UPDATE: My hip is feeling fantastic! I still haven’t done any running, will run on Saturday at the Color Run. So only a few more days of rest and strength exercises to do. Next week I will be doing my hip/glute exercises on my run days before I head out, not every day, so like 3-4 times per week to help stay prevent future injuries. I’m so grateful that this injury is almost behind me, this month was not the best mileage at all, I’m almost to 26 miles so far. Last month I was around 50 miles, I hope to get back to 50-60 miles in April though!

Arm Progress

Arm Progress

Operation: “She Hulk” is going well haha!! I decided to take a progress picture on my arms for #TransformationTuesday and I’m thrilled with the comparison! The left was at the beginning of February and the right is this morning after I got home from the gym. My arms were over 16.8″ around and are now at around 13.6″, so roughly 3 inches lost overall since I started my journey.

One thing I love about the picture is the under side of the arm, the left was kind of bumpy (that right word?) and the right is now smooth and filled with more muscle. So I really like how things are smoothing out, never thought that would be possible!

This morning I was back at the gym after being home last week with spring break and man did I miss it! It was great getting back into my routine and I kicked major butt. I am getting rid of the hip adductor machine since I’m now thinking that was the cause of my hip injury a couple weeks ago, it makes perfect sense! I remember running on a Wednesday and felt some discomfort and the next day I did the hip adductors (inner and outer) with 60# on the machine, then had to skip my run on Friday since I was really sore and felt it bad on Saturday’s run. So I’m 90% sure that was the cause of it all, I feel really good today. The pain is for sure going down, it feels more like an overworked hip now and not massive pain on my IT band.

Anyways, enough about my injury report haha!! I spent almost an hour with weights this morning, got a compliment on my shirt from a guy on the cable machine next to me (I was wearing my “nevertheless she persisted” tee), and increased my leg press from 100# to 110#! Was a good morning well spent but I’m anxious to get back to running, it’s killing me! Saturday is my next race, the Color Run, so I plan on doing my run/walk intervals at the race and see how things go but still not running until then.

(I’m still doing the #ProjectOneFive daily but now just sharing it on Twitter instead of the blog)

FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile

FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile

Last week I decided to sign up for the FFTFL Run Your 1st Mile training and group! I have ran a mile straight without walking once and blogged about it… of course I did lol! But, I haven’t attempted to run a straight mile since that day and it’s been on my goal list for this year so I figured this would be a perfect training group and I get to do it with other awesome FFTFL tribe family!

I want to blog about this experience, it’s roughly an 8-12 week training plan and we are going slow and at our own pace. It kicks off today but I can’t start until next Monday since I’m taking time off running to heal this IT band this week, some others are starting next Monday as well. I’m so anxious to start now but need to focus on recovery, as much as I think I can run now and am starting to feel better… I am stubborn though and know I need the extra rest.

Since I tend to run 3-5 miles on my run days, I’m going to do the “Run Your 1st Mile” training for the first 30 minutes of my runs and then finish off my run with my normal 30/30 run/walk. I will be breaking the runs up on my Garmin so I can see my progress with this training more clearer. I will start posting next Monday when I do my first run! We are starting with a 30/90 (sec) run/walk and we aren’t focusing on pace at all, just endurance so I am curious how I will feel with a longer walk break (I normally take 30 sec). This will be an interesting process and I’m super excited!

My mantra for this experience: #YesICan and also #ShutUpLegs (my usual mantra when running haha)

Week 3/20-3/26

Week 3/20-3/26

This is the first week that I don’t have running listed for my goals, ack! Will be hard to not run but I’m going to make it a goal not to run lol! I need to rest this leg so I can do well on the Color Run, despite it being a fun run I would like to run my usually run/walk on this race. I’m excited for the Color Run and both terrified… that I will ruin something. I will have my Garmin on me but plan to have a headband wrapped over it to cover it, and I will be wearing my old shoes just for this race so I don’t destroy my beloved New Balance shoes. But overall, it will be fun!

Goals this week:

100 oz of water daily (been on point with this all month)
Reach 228 (I normally don’t focus on weight goals these days but I would like to see this)
Weight Training 2x this week – Tues & Thurs
Daily dog walks
NO running, ugh
Daily hip/glutes exercises – fire hydrants, clamshells, bridges

Last week went really well with eating, water, and weight training! Hoping to repeat that week for sure!

I’m so flippin’ excited to be back at the gym this week! I did well at home doing weight training but I kept pushing it off on my gym days. I ended up doing my training after lunch on Thursday and just couldn’t get excited to do weights at home, despite having everything I needed, it just wasn’t the same. So, I’m planning to change up my schedule for the summer when the kiddo is off school and go to the gym at 4:30 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays before my husband heads to work at 5:30…. ya. The positives is I will get to do my training at the gym, the gym will be pretty dead based on the “busy chart on Google”, and I will kick off my morning well. The cons… four freakin’ thirty?! I’m normally up at 4:30-5:00 am so it’s not that much earlier to get up at 4, I’m sure I will get used to the routine to. I’ll do anything to not slip up this summer and do what I did last year, lose motivation. I need to keep up my strength training and build these muscles, I’m loving the progress so far!

Cookies & Milk 5k (2017)

Cookies & Milk 5k (2017)

Another race in the books! I was going to pull out of this race yesterday but I decided to at least try and see how it goes. I figure worst case scenario, I wouldn’t be able to do continue and I could at least say I tried. I crossed the finish line in very minimal pain! Woot! I even manage to run more than a quarter of the race in total, I walked when I felt needed and ran when I felt good (usually ran when there was a downhill spot). Funny enough, I ended at 48:01 and last year I did this race and course at exactly 48:00! How funny is that?!

I went back to last years notes from the blog and saw that I was doing a 15/30 but mentioned that I did add in some extra walks and I remember that for sure. I just found it neat how I did nearly the same time while injured, this gave me full confidence that I could have hit a PR today and probably gotten a sub 45:00 if I weren’t injured. That alone made me happy!

I’ll be back at this race next year if they have it again, will be my 3rd year and I will be determined to PR this course!

What made this race extra fun was meeting up with some FFTFL tribe! Happy to call these awesome people friends for sure, nothing like getting a high five by another runner while passing one another and crossing the finish line. I adore everyone I have met or chatted with in the FFTFL group. This group has really ignited my love of running to a whole new level, I talk often about the FFTFL group and I always recommend this group to everyone! Check out From Fat to Finish Line FB group here and watch the documentary on Netflix for free, it’s inspiring!

#FacetoFace Friday

#FacetoFace Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Woot! Normally I do a themed virtual run in memory of my MIL (who passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 2015) but my IT band is still giving me some trouble. I managed to get .62 miles in on the treadmill before my daughter needed something, but right before I stopped I felt that pain start up so I’m glad I stopped when I did. This may actually cause me to pull out of the 5k race on Sunday if I can’t even walk it, not too happy about it but it is what it is.

I was having a good hair day so I decided to participate in the #FacetoFace Friday fun! I remember when I took the picture on the left, I was embracing the idea that I would never lose weight and that I would be “at this size” forever. One positive thing about that picture though was that I was starting to learn to love myself at that size and was embracing body positivity, I don’t dislike that picture one bit. It reminds me of the bravery I was facing when I started to realize that I can accept myself no matter what, despite not being happy with my weight. Jump to today, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I have enough energy to fuel a train and feel unstoppable… well, I’m sidelined right now with running, but you know what I mean haha!!

Today I ran over to the store and picked up some healthy treats, I always get so excited to look down at my cart and see only healthy stuff! It’s a gorgeous view for sure! I wanted to try and find some quick, yet clean, oatmeal. I tried some for the first time the other day and wanted to find a good kind (yes, I’m a massive picky eater but I’m making baby steps lol). I ended up finding this brand called Love Grown and it looks good! Ingredients: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, apples.

I also found some good snack bars called That’s It and they are extremely clean and healthy! Ingredients: apples and strawberries… that’s it! The other is apples and mangoes. For 100 calories and 3-5g of fiber, not bad! I’m trying to add in more fiber and also trying to clean up my eating even more, I’m striving to do an 80% plant based and 20% everything else like chicken, creamer, sour cream, etc.

I did get my donut treat finally after weeks of wanting a donut! I ran by Dunkin’ and picked one up and coffee (another treat). I’m good to go now for a few weeks now that I got that out of my system lol!

Action 006 – Treat yourself. I’ve been wanting a donut for weeks, I got my donut! Moderation is key!

Action 007 – Try new things. Picked up new bars and oatmeal to try that have no added crap!

Action 008 – Mind over matter. Knowing to take a breather before reaching for that craving. The craving will always pass. I like to take a 2-3 minute time out, chances are that if it’s just a random craving out of boredom, it will pass and I won’t want it anymore.

Action 009 –Don’t be so serious. Life is much more enjoyable when you have fun and laugh more!

Action 010 – Early dinner. Eating dinner early tends to work really well for me and weight loss. I try not to binge after dinner and just work on my water, I guess you could call it “intermittent fasting”. When I cut out after dinner snacking the pounds literally fall off me and I wake up feeling good (rather than bloated).

Project One Five

Project One Five

Today’s food choices have been a much better today than yesterday, back at it! Started my morning with a smoothie and got my weight training done! My goal for today was to eat clean and healthy, ignore the crap. Food is fuel!

When I have a bad day, I usually stop right there and evaluate it. See what went wrong, what I need to do to not have a bad day again, and move on. I have been doing great with no binges after dinner… yesterday I had a major binge after dinner. Looking at my previous week, I was losing on the scale consistently when I cut out all binging after dinner, that is key for me big time I have found. So today I’m focused on not binging, it is back to day one with this and that’s ok! I now look to see how long I can go without a binge, not try to see it as falling off track and failing. It’s more like “how long can you balance a ball on your head”.

One of the original FFTFL tribe members (he was in the documentary and is simply amazing) is John Hulsey. He started this thing called Project One Five and I decided that I need to try do this starting today! I’m going to focus on 5 things each day that will keep me on track, focus on my health, and get me to my goals. I’m going to share this on my Twitter, but I will aim to do a daily post with my 5 actions each day. Here’s to the next 100 days!

Action 001 – Food is fuel. This morning I fueled up on a healthy smoothie! My favorite smoothie is the PB & J and I make it almost daily, I LOVE it! It is both healthy and makes me feel really good.

Action 002 – Water. I drink a minimum of 100oz a day! Today I’m using my big 33oz Camelbak bottle and I tend to fill this one up 3-4 times per day.

Action 003 – Surround myself with positivity. Positive mantras to wear on my wrist and neck are always something you will see on me. I just got some new wraps today, along with my first Momentum necklace.

Action 004 – Getting outside. Saw our hibiscus flowers had bloomed and it made me smile. I try to get outside to breath in some fresh air and clear my head several times a day.

Action 005 –  Rest. I headed to bed early tonight to relax and watch documentaries! Woot!

Rest Run Repeat

Rest Run Repeat

Missed posting yesterday, this week has me on lazy status for sure lol! Really hoping this won’t be how summer will turn into! I did get my 1 mile test run in yesterday and it went well! I took it slow (15:55 min/mi) and kept my stride short. It seemed to help though, I’m slower on the treadmill anyways so that helped too. I discovered my hip issue isn’t bursitis (yay) but it’s an angry IT band (boo). I started working on specific stretches yesterday for my IT band and it has been working wonders! I have been rolling my IT band as well more, as much as it hurts, it is helping as well.

Today is weights at home, then will do another test run tomorrow morning and I’m going to aim for a short 1.5 mile this time. My 5k race is on Sunday and I’m determined, pain or not, to PR on this race and get my 45:00 or less time… or at least PR last years course (48:00). If I remember correctly, it’s a two lap course and the finish line is all down hill so I have that on my side this year. Last year when I did the Cookies & Milk 5k I remember trying to run to the finish line but I was still very new to running so I wasn’t as strong, this year I am much stronger and hope to finish strong.

I’ve been getting new badges from Stridebadge all week in the mail, yesterday I got my challenge badges that I did with a new friend on IG! They are SO cute! I need to sign up for more now, I’m almost done earning my 96 mile badge though, only 10 mile to go!

My daughters “dreams came true” yesterday when she finally got her hands on one of those Hatchimals. Her grades have been great so my mom offered to reward her for her hard work with one and after calling and hunting one down at Target, she ended up getting their only Hatchimal. I’ll admit, it was cute to watch hatch… then I lost all interest LOL! It didn’t take her long to dress it up with a tutu and princess crown though haha!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: So, yesterday… oh man, it was our “grocery day” so that means the house was fairly dry as far as food goes… and let’s just say, it was not my proudest eating day LOL! Forgive and forget, I say. Not going to let one day of bad eating ruin my mood or ruin the rest of the week. It’s done and over, no use stressing.

I have planned out my day with meals and ready to go! I was so grossed out by yesterdays choices… which is great! I won’t repeat it today lol!